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CommentLuv Premium : Increase Comments And Social Shares

CommentLuv Premium
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One of the most unique plugins in the history of WordPress, the CommentLuv Premium plugin provides a simple way to increase comments, and social sharing of your blog posts, plus other great features included in the CommentLuv Premium version.

I’ve been using the free version of CommentLuv plugin on my blogs for more than three years since I first started blogging. I remember that I’ve published a lot of posts about the plugin in the past, but I haven’t done a review post for it, so here is my review of the awesome CommentLuv Premium.

What is CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv is a unique piece of code developed for the WordPress CMS that gives you the ability as a blog owner to award your visitors by allowing them to leave a comment to their own recent blog posts, so basically this was the main idea of the plugin.

But Andy -the founder and developer of the CommentLuv- realized the power of social media and added cool new feature to CommentLuv, this actually leaded to a brand new premium version of the plugin.

So, now that you’ve enabled CommentLuv Premium on your blog, you will be able to benefit by doing some easy social media marketing. Well, actually you won’t be doing anything, but your blog readers and visitor will do!

They will find your CommentLuv Blog!

It’s pretty easy, you just need to install and configure the plugin, and …wait! Don’t even bother to call your friends or scream loud asking your people to comment on your amazing and informative blog posts, all what you have to do it to wait!

How they will find you? They will search trying to find CommentLuv enabled blogs.

So yes, they will find you, they will comment on your blog, and they will probably share your post to unlock the RSS feed menu so they can pick a link to one of their recent blog posts.

This makes the CommentLuv Premium social, and really smart plugin!

Hit many birds with only one CommentLuv plugin!

CommentLuv Premium is not really one plugin, however you can consider it one plugin, but in fact; it’s a set of useful plugins combined into one!

Here are the main parts :


CommentLuv will automatically add the users last blog post to the end of the comment that they make on your site provided that they include their URL and it has a feed available. It can also show information about each link left when a user hovers their mouse over the link.


TwitterLink comments will add an extra field to your comment form to allow your visitors to add their twitter username along with their comment. The TwitterLink used to be a stand alone plugin, but it’s included now in the CommentLuv Premium.


GASP is extremely effective at combatting spambots and trackback spam.

SpamBots trawl websites and leave automated spam messages within comments. Because they are bots, it is unusual for them to be able to view things that are generated with javascript. This plugin will use javascript to generate a checkbox on your comment form asking people to click it before allowing their comment to be accepted and should eliminate 99% of bot generated spam, that’s another cool addition to the CommentLuv Premium, once you install it, you’ve got a pretty awesome spam fighter.

Keyword Name

Keyword Name provides similar functions to the popular KeywordLuv plugin but does it in a way that keeps the name of comment author “clean” by storing the keywords separately to the name in the database.

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There are 1000s of blogs out there using CommentLuv, I highly recommend it, so consider enabling it on your blog and give some luv.

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