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CommentLuv for Better Interaction Around Blogosphere

Strong Communities

Commenting is surely the differentiators between a blog and a regular web site. Therefore, the whole of commenting process always become important part for the blog admin. Blog admin usually try to improve the commenting experience in their blog so the readers feel tend to leave the comment. As always said that a better blog which turn to communities site and it is obvious that the quality comment number is one of the parameters to measure it. A lot of quality comment in commenting form always mean that the blog has strong communities around it.

CommentLuv for Strong Communities

It is true that the strong communities only one of many parameters to measure the blog success. There are many others parameters that can be used as blog success measurement such as conversion rate, amount of traffic, search engine result page (SERP) position, and other parameters. However, having strong communities always mean good for a blog. Since the quality comment number is one of the strong communities parameters, blog admin should focus to improve it as first step. Blog admin can do it by improving the WordPress default commenting form so the readers enjoy to comment on it.

Improve WordPress default Commenting System

One of the great tools that able to improve WordPress default commenting from is CommentLuv WordPress plugin which is one of my blog improvement plan. CommentLuv allows more interactive commenting form. It is because CommentLuv is a WordPress Plugin that automatically link the last blog post/article from the commentators while their write a comment. It mean that the commenting form become an advertising board for commentators. In other side, the blog admin will easily track each good blog post/article from their commentators through blog commenting form and visit it if it is really worthy.

Improve interaction between Bloggers

The other readers also easily to find good blog posts/articles through commenting form while visit and read a blog. This is why CommentLuv is claimed that able to improve interaction between bloggers. It can be said that with CommentLuv in commenting form, the blog become the medium for interaction between bloggers which is surely good for the communities. CommentLuv is also well-known as link building tool since blog admin allows to tag the CommentLuv link as do-follow. It mean that if we comment in do-follow CommentLuv blog, our latest blog post automatically get the backlink.

Link Building

In my opinion, the best link building is to build the backlink spread around the entire of our blog posts. This is which provided by CommentLuv WordPress plugin. CommentLuv is creating a great blog communities indeed. So, let’s create the better interaction around blogosphere by having CommentLuv feature in our blog commenting form.

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