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Integrate CommentLuv’s TwitterLink into Thesis Theme

CommentLuv Integration With Thesis Theme

I thought it would be cool to share this with Thesis Theme users, especially that we are getting ready for CommentLuv Premium plugin, which will be released for the public next week. The new plugin is a super joint of 8 different plugins, one of them is the TwitterLink plugin.

Some of my friends who were beta testers of CommentLuv Premium – also Thesis Theme users- asked how to display TwitterLink field in Thesis comment box, instead of showing the blue box below comments, so probably more people will ask for this once CommentLuv launch starts.

Dealing with Thesis Theme

When you deal with a framework like Thesis (read my thesis theme review), you really don’t want to touch the core or it’s code, the right way is to simply write functions and use Thesis Hooks to run those functions where you want them to be, or then you will make it more harder for you to upgrade when new updates comes from DiyThemes.

Integrating TwiterLink into Thesis Theme

I’ve had a tip from Andy of CommentLuv Premium to do the trick!

Here is the code that you need to add to your thesis custom_functions.php file:


Note: If you are using one of my Thesis Skins from ThesisAwesome.com, you won’t need this code, I’ve already integrated CommentLuv into the skins and it will automatically indicate the you are a CommentLuv Premium user and do the job for you.


If you would like to add a better code that checks if TwitterLink is enabled/disabled on Thesis Theme, here it is:


That’s all!

Check Out CommentLuv Premium →

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