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Blogging has come a very long way since it rose to popularity in the earlier part of the millennium. Blogs have evolved from being an online journal to a source of good information, product reviews, opinions, as well as entertainment. Blogging also became a helpful financial resource for a lot of bloggers as well as a medium to enhance writing and communicating.

Many of you want to become a pro at blogging but can not identify the keys on how to deliver a professional write up or a blog. Here are the ways how:

1- Write about topics that are:

Write down your ideas considering the three qualities above and seek to develop your own niche. Always consider topics that you will be comfortable in writing about.

Ask yourself: “Will I be able to write about this particular genre for two years or so?” If you answered yes, then you can start focusing on writing about topics and ideas related to your niche of choice. Topics that are popular today are those related to Internet Marketing, SEO, Make Money from Home, Sports, and Celebrity Gossip.

2- Get yourself a blog

To blog is to be able to write in a blog. There are a lot of blogging platforms that are available for free such as LiveJournal, WordPress, Blogger, and a lot more. However, if you are striving to become a professional blogger and be known as one, it is advisable to create your own website or blog because having one helps you build your reputation.

3- Enhance your Writing Skills

One of the most helpful English Writing books around is from Strunk and White entitled “The Elements of Style”. It helps you improve your writing composition as well as your grammar. When you aspire to be a professional blogger, it is a requirement to be able to come up with articles and helpful materials which are both informative and entertaining.

Through constant practice in writing and reading other pro blogger’s articles, you will eventually come up with your own unique writing style and stand out.

4- Blog regularly

For a blog to gain visitors and regular audiences, a blogger must strive to write at least two or three articles per week. Once a blog is left at a hiatus, it will turn off a lot of readers as well as search engines spiders. Regular blogging would mean opening up more to a wider audience as well as getting better numbers of indexed pages.

5- Build your Social Media Presence

Building your own social media presence, such as signing up and being active in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts will enhance your online presence. You will be able to drive more people towards your website, build a bigger sphere of influence, as well as introducing your professional blog to clients.

6- Write Honest Product Reviews

Once you have a niche, you probably will have to meet products and services providers that you might want to write a review about. For example, you are running a hotel and restaurant review blog, you can write about the services and the overall quality of different providers you encountered. Providers will appreciate your feedback, whether they’re good or bad.

Who knows, you may end up being their Social Media Specialist or their Official Blogger.

7- Respond to Comments

When you become a blogger, you not only welcome visitors, but also comments and spammers. Through time, you will be able to know the difference between a real comment and a software-generated spammy comment.

When it is a real comment, always be sure to approve the comment, respond to it, visit their blog and return the favor of commenting. If it is a spam comment, do others a favor by placing them in the blacklist.

8- Offer to Write Guest Posts

When you are comfortable with your writing style, you can actually ask other bloggers to publish your article on their blog, provided that it is written according to their standards.

Offering to write guest posts will enable you to reach out to the other side of the fence, broaden your audience, and build quality backlinks (as this is being offered by most bloggers that accept guest postings).

What else can you add to the list?

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