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Old is Gold But in Blogging New is Diamond

Old is Gold

This post focuses on answering two questions : Is writing old content better than writing a well flourished idea ?  or Is writing new content better than writing a well flourished idea ? This post is inspired by a comment made by The Bad Blogger on my last Post – Are you using Your Brain in Blogging ? Thanks to Bad Blogger for the inspiration. Here is the comment –

“… creating new content is good but you also must think the newly created fresh content is it useful or not… you see, I rather write something that’s been done with success then writing something that I think can be success, and I rather let the big guys spend their money on research of freshly new content… and I use them to modify to better understanding for others…
It’s all about leveraging other people’s mind and use it for your own good…. remember this… It’s hard to blaze a new trail when the road has already been paved !”

What I understand from this comment is that he prefers writing well written idea. So my question is “Is writing an old idea better than writing a new idea ?”

My reply to the comment was :

“I don’t know about that because when you write about something that people has already written about, you will receive fewer comments, retweets etc. When you write about something new, you will get newer ideas (due to the comments, discussion etc.). People will notice you. It may not be a success but at least you created a new idea. I would much rather write about a new idea rather than an old one. Anyway, Its your opinion.”

My Opinion – Why Writing New Idea is Better than writing old idea

I think writing about a new idea is better than writing an old idea. Nowadays, I see a lot of bloggers writing about the same old thing again and again. I am not saying that one should not write about it, rather one should also try to add some new tip (something extra) to the idea. Let me tell you what I see in the blogosphere :

1) Quality Content (Quality over Quantity)

2) Social Media (Promotion/Networking/Twitter & FB – Twitter lists, more twitter followers, FB fan page)

3) Commenting (How to get more comments/positive replies etc./Commentluv)

4) SEO, Design, Money Making tips (earn more), blogging mistakes, why you are wrong posts (why you are not getting any comments, why you suck at blogging etc.)

If you look at today’s blogs, these are the most prevalent topics. I am saying that you shouldn’t post about these topics. You can but try to add new information or a new idea. Really, I hate reading posts that I have already read a thousand times.

Let me tell you why you should write new content. By writing about a new idea,

  1. You are introducing a new idea to the public, to the world (yes, of course)
  2. You will increase your reputation (you may, depends upon the idea – whether your idea is worth reading. You will get more comments/retweets/traffic etc. if your idea is a good one.

You may taste failure while writing a new idea, but take it easy. Failures are stepping stones to success. Your failure is your guide. You may receive 30+ comments and 70+ re tweets for writing an old idea, but it won’t help you to build your reputation. Writing old idea over and over will cost you, now if not in the future.

Tell me, would you want to read something that you have read in hundreds of blogs ?

No, I don’t think so. You would want to read something new, something refreshing, some unique, something that can spark a bunch of new ideas. If you are able to come up with a new idea, well then you deserve the status of a Pro Blogger. I believe that a successful blogger is defined by the terms of his ability to create unique ideas. Innovation matters, Imitation sucks. Imitation is common but Innovation is unique. All of the bloggers today have the ability to create unique content ; The only difference is that we only use the ability differently in different amounts. Smart bloggers use the ability to their fullest potential. Are you a smart blogger ?

Old is Gold But New is Diamond!

Above all, Writing a new idea gives me more satisfaction than writing an old post. I would rather spend more time writing about a new idea. Sure, I agree that I do it – I would write old stuff, but I try to add something more, something extra, something on my own to the post.

Have you heard of the quote – “Old is Gold“. It is, but in blogging – “New is diamond“. Diamond is surely worth more compared to gold. In a blogging sense, the new idea is worth more than the old stuff.

New ideas = more new ideas = more and more new ideas. So when you write about a new idea, you get tens of other ideas to write about. Would want to write about a new idea ?

I would like to hear from you. This, I think, should be an important thing to bloggers. This should be like a controversial issue among bloggers. How can we answer this question ? To solve this problem, I (I mean we) need feedback ; I need your opinion.So, What is your opinion about writing the old content again and again?

Is writing new content better ? Coming up with the title of this post was hard for me! I’ve tried my best to come up with a new title) – I changed it again and again – I wanted to stay with a question since I have observed that interrogative titles earn more traffic.

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