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How to Solve the Create Twitter List Bug

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There are a few issues with Twitter that I discover while using it’s features. I like to create Twitter Lists and list my friends and followings so I can keep up with their tweets in an organized way. There is one Twitter bug I found when I wanted to create a new Twitter List, it’s when you create a list and you can not find it anywhere!

I was connecting with a -first time on twitter- friend of mine, actually he was the one who discover this Twitter bug when I was guiding him on how to create a twitter list, it took us about 15 minutes to find out what’s wrong with Twitter, he discovered the solution by accident!

How to create a Twitter List?

It’s so simple! When you create a Twitter List, don’t forget to add a list description, that’s all!

P.S. some may think this bug started to appear after the New Twitter went live, we actually tried to create lists on the old twitter and it seems that the whole system is infected now 🙂

Famous Twitter Lists

Alright, a chance to mention a few of our Twitter lists that you may find interesting:

One of our famous Twitter Lists is the Famous Bloggers Twitter List, I use this one to list popular bloggers and also my friends bloggers to follow up their awesome tweets!

There is also:

Problems with Twitter Lists (Known Issue) support page

After finding the bug and the solution, I found out it was mentioned in the Problems with Twitter Lists (Known Issue) support page. So if you have any other issues with Twitter in the future then you might need to take a look to that page.

Oh! You may also like to check the Twitter Dummy Guide, the only Twitter guide you will ever need to master Twitter by my friend John Aguiar.


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