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Are you using Your Brain in Blogging

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Content is everything. Well, no (there are certainly other factors). Creativity is another important factor in blogging. Creativity allows you to write quality content (Well, if you wrote the article with your own ideas rather than copying from others). This article deals with the importance of brain in Blogging.

Fresh New Content

Do you know what fresh new content mean?

Traffic. Of course, not all fresh new ideas are accepted at first. Your idea may be on the rejected list. But you still have created the idea. You did it, using your own Brain. Producing Fresh New content have always been dilemma for bloggers. Some bloggers find it easy while other find it hard. Easy or Hard – You need to use your Brain, no matter what.

For years, many bloggers have advised you that Social netwoking and other blogs can help you with getting new content. Most of the time, the social media – including other blogs will only help you to get new content not create new content.

Use Your Own Brain

You have a small thing in your head that can do all sorts of stuff at the same time. Use it!

Why do you need one if you don’t want to use it at all? Human Brain is capable of amazing feats. With determination, many scientists from Albert Einstein to Modern day Scientists have accomplished great deeds due to thier determination. Determine for yourself. Do you want to blog ? If you do, then continue the process, you your brain. If you don’t, close this window, shutdown your laptop and ask yourself “Why the heck did I start a Blog ?” If you find an answer, use it guide you. May it be Money-making, May it be your hobby. Whatever it is use it to guide you in the path of Blogging – Use it like a torch might be useful to you in a dark path.

BrainStorm! Create a storm in your brain. Think, think, think. Think about Blogging. Write down what comes to your mind. Make connections. Frame Your work. Write A Draft or Start writing Your actual article.

What is Your Goal ?

Before You write down your article. Think about your goal. What are you trying to accomplish? No goal?!

Better not publish the article. Your Goal may be simple as to persuade the reader on a particular issue or your goal may be Hard. Simple or hard, easy or delicate.

Make Connections

Connect Your ideas with each other. Can you make anything out of the connection i.e. any conclusions? No?!

Think about what you can say about the different things you wrote down. Connect Your goal with your body content. Connections are viral networks. They are delicate. If you use it well, you can accomplish great things.


Write Your actual content. I would go with informal writing rather than formal. Talk to your readers. You conversational english rather than formal, written english. Speak to Your Readers !


If you don’t want to use your brain, fine. You can send me your useless brain to recycle and reprocess at Brain processing Inc. 😉 Use Your Brain Wisely. It will help you to succeed. After all, it is helping you to read this article. I hope that the ideas presented in this post will help you to write your next post. If it does, I am satisfied. I have achieved my goal for this post.

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