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The Bloggers Creed

Bloggers Creed

What makes a great blogger? What makes the likes of Seth Godin, Katie Freiling , Darren Rowse, Leo Babauta, Naomi Dunford, Chris Garrett, , Yaro Starak, , Brian Clark and Sonia Simone great bloggers?

That question should be on every bloggers mind when we first start thinking about blogging, with every post we publish and with every interaction we have with our readers.  In this article I wanted to give you a creed to blog by.

The Bloggers Creed

I will..

  1. Respond to every comment on a new blog post within 24 hours.
  2. Have a regular posting schedule so my readers will know when i am going to publish a new article.
  3. Respond personally to every email I receive from readers, even if they are derogatory.
  4. Write at least one guest post per week.
  5. Never promote a product on my blog unless I have used it or read it personally and feel it is genuinely useful for my readers. I will also vet any paid advertising to make sure it fits with readers expectations.
  6. Never delete a negative comment, unless it is abusive or offensive. I will respond to the comment politely and then let it go.
  7. Allow new bloggers who have had a blog for 6 months or more to guest post on my blog.  I will judge a blogger by the quality of their writing and not by social proof.
  8. Produce 3 new products per year and get feedback on each of them, and make the new product better than the previous one.
  9. Use social media often, as a way to communicate with other bloggers and readers.
  10. I am not afraid to say ‘No’ to something I don’t feel comfortable with and will never feel obliged to help readers for free, if they are asking too much of me.
  11. I will treat my blog as a business from the outset.  I will ask myself ‘If this was my business, would I put this on my blog?’
  12. I know that blogging is about interacting with readers and will make sure I interact with other bloggers, both online and offline by attending events, meet-ups and training.
  13. I know that blogging is about communicating and will not get frustrated when my readers don’t get it, I will just show them in a different way next time.
  14. I will learn as much about myself as I can when blogging, such as discipline, writing style, communication methods, fears, and seek to make each area of my life better and lead by example.

If you the the list is missing something, what not let us know?!

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