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Our Blogging Judges Team Play Important Role in our Contest

Judges Team

Tomorrow, we will pronounce the winners of our FB ComLuv Blogging Contest, and we want to spot the light today on our Judges Team for being so supportive, and for accepting to join us from the first call, I am sure it wasn’t that easy to read  all 39 amazing articles in our commenting folder.

Of course we all know that Judges is a big word, but the good thing is we are not in a real court, we are just trying to bring fair results to all our blogging contest participants, and this should be fun!

We would like to thank everyone involved in our blogging contest, and we really appreciate their work and time!

How Judges will Decide our 20 Winners?

It’s pretty simple idea, and a lot of work. Our Judges Team has to read all articles and give points out of 10 for each article depending on the quality, and of course we are talking here about personal opinion of our Judges, and it’s already done now, and we got the results in the control room, also one cool thing we have done is to have a great Judges team of 8 individual bloggers and experts in their fields, today we will make the final results after calculating the average of each article, our Judges will decided our 20 winers!

Meet our Judges

Gail @GrowMap has published a post earlier at ComLuv.com introducing our judges team, they were 11 judges at that time, but we got results only from 8 judges, and we really can not wait for the rest to send their results, so I am going to mention those who delivered results on time, so.. here is our Judges Team:

Mark Thompson

Mark is the creator of the Stay on Search SEOBlog and president of Search Creatively, a full-service Internet Marketing Company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also contributes to many industry related blogs including Search Engine Journal and is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Francisco Rosales

Francisco Rosales is the author of SocialMouths, a blog that provides free advice on social media strategies, business blogging and online marketing in general. Behind his blog, Francisco applies his experience with major brands to work with entrepreneurs and small business on implementing online strategies, designing and developing blogs and leveraging the social web. He has recently launched his new product Launch Your Awesomeness, a kick-start blogging solution that helps entrepreneurs launch their business online with low budgets but all the necessary technology to succeed.

Justin Germino

Justin Germino is a part time Technology Blogger who writes about Software, Internet, Blogging and Entertainment and has handled administration for eleven WordPress blogs for two years and is a guest blogger on seventeen online blogs.

Thomas Sinfield

Thomas is an Aussie blogger making a full-time income through his blogs. Starting out as a complete beginner just 3 years ago, he has turned StandOutBlogger into a fantastic resource for bloggers looking to increase their scope of influence. He is now turning his attention to a brand new project WebsiteBuildr – which is all about getting small business online!

Ann Smarty

Ann is best known as @SEOSmarty on Twitter and as an SEO expert blogger, you may not know that Search & Social (the company where Ann works) has merged with 10e20 and Brent Csutoras, Inc. to form one AMAZING all encompassing online marketing agency, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. Ann is the founder of MyBlogGuest where bloggers can post and answer guest blogging opportunities.

Ms. Ileane

Ms. Ileane’s blog is Basic Blog Tips and it offers blogging tips and tutorials for WordPress.com and Blogger. Ileane has over 30 tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Connie Roberts

Connie Roberts, aka Connie Foggles is co-moderator of Murray Newlands’ Secret Blog Club and a popular family and mommy blogger on her BrainFoggles blog where she runs giveaways and offers product review services.

CJ Spurr

You may know CJ as Creative_Ace and for her CreativeAce business technical writing blog where she offers freelance writing services. You can learn to create an online help system from CJ or have her create one for you. CJ also offers Dell PCs complete with computer financing.

Let’s Watch Andy’s video again!

This is the video that Andy made for the contest, it will bring some good memories for us!

I am thinking to post about the winners in two posts tomorrow, one post will list our 20 winners, and the next post will pronounce the level of each winner and their prizes, I am not sure yet, but I am so excited because I still don’t know who are the winner, we was dealing with numbers and points so far, no names!

So.. Till we meet again tomorrow for the big day!

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