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Does your Blogging Business Need a Psychology Check

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Can I make an assumption here? You’re here on FamousBloggers because you’re serious about the success of your blog and your business. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

When it comes to blogging, like anything else, success comes from your psychology, not how well you do the nuts and bolts. If you can get your blogging psychology right, you can explode your blogging business in an outstanding way.

The thing is, most bloggers don’t have the right psychology and this is why their blog fails. An awesome blog isn’t successful because it gets its SEO right or has the right WP plugins. It isn’t a smash because the design is pretty and the posts are laid out in the perfect way.

An awesome blog is successful because the writer or writers behind it have got their psychology right.

If you’re blog isn’t a huge success, it’s failing because:

You don’t give it the attention it deserves

If you’re blog hasn’t crushed your niche yet it’s because you’re not giving it the time it deserves. As much as the buzz online for things like The 4 Hour Work Week like to tell you, if you want your blog and business to be a success, you’ve got to put the time in like a real business. If, like me, you work a full time job and run you’re blog after work, do you take your job more professionally than you do your blogging business? Stop letting yourself slack off and put the hours in when it counts. It wouldn’t happen if you were a boss of someone else so don’t let yourself do it. Give your blog the attention it truly deserves.

You worry more about the way it looks than what it does

A successful blog, whatever the niche, solves a problem for a large group of people. Does your blog do that? If it doesn’t that’s why you’re not the biggest player in your circle yet. Stop worrying about the plugins you have or don’t have. Stop spending hours tweaking that code for your homepage and start solving the biggest problem your readers have. One of my all-time favourite blogs is ZenHabits. It’s not much to look at but boy that content solves a lot of problems for a lot of people. Can you say the same for your blog?

You listen to the negative voices in your life

Note I said in your life, not just in your head! Seriously though, successful people and businesses know that negative feedback is part of the game. Steve Jobs doesn’t spend his days thinking about all the negative haters out there talking about Apple. If he did he wouldn’t have turned around after the iPhone 4 signal problems earlier this year and told people to “just hold it in the other hand.” If you’re listening to the constant negative stream from other people, that’s why you’re blog isn’t the success you want it to be.

You don’t believe in your product/content/service

If you don’t truly believe in your blog and your business you might as well just pack up and go home now. Successful people believe whole-heartedly in what they do and what they offer. Readers and potential clients or customers will pick up on your lack of self-belief and that’s no blueprint for business success. Anyone can pick up on the low self-belief of someone else. It’ll come through in your content. Be warned. You’ve got the passion and drive, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, so start believing in what you have to offer and start offering it. It might not be for everyone but trust me, if you truly believe in what you do it will be for somebody and they will pay for your services or buy your product.

If you’ve been blogging for a while now and you’re still not getting there, it isn’t because you’re not using WordPress correctly. It’s not to do with your blog SEO or your theme. It’s all to do with your psychology. How much are you driving your blogging business? How well are you dealing with the stress that comes from being a blogger? How much time are you putting into promotion and networking on behalf of your blog? How much do you believe in your stuff?

Got a blog that’s failing? Don’t do a content check, do a psychology check.

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