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How to Drive Traffic from Blog Directories and Tags to your Blog

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Traffic is a topic that bloggers will never overlook any day or any time! And to get that much coveted traffic bloggers turn to various sources, one of which is blog directories. But unfortunately, many bloggers easily overlook one essential element when it comes to generating traffic from blog directories. This essential element is tagging. But why so? Is it because many bloggers do not truly understand the use or significance of tagging? Is that why their value is not readily appreciated?

If that is the case then it is unfortunate as tags can significantly increase blog traffic generated from blog directories. In this article I want to highlight a few ideas on how you can use tags to garner favour with blog directories.

First, What Really Are Tags?

A tag is simply the keyword that better describes the information on your blog. It is easily used in labeling the specific information found on your blog. It’s main function is for classification or identification of the specific articles posted on your blog. Tags are also used by search engines that support tagging to “file” your content. Once this is done the posibility of your blog being found whenever a search is done is then increased.

It is this small piece of identification on your blog that tells the search engine spiders what your blog content is all about and how it should be indexed. It therefore stands to reason that if you’d use the right combination of tags for your blog, you’ll be able to determine the type and quality of traffic that comes to your blog from blog directories.

How To Use Tags To Drive More Traffic

There are specific tactics that will maximize the traffic you generate from blog directories using tags. Here are a few things that will yeild good results:

1. Mind Your Use of Words!

If you’re using an automatic tagging plugin to tag your posts, as I do, then you’ll want to carefully pick the right words when writing your content. Besides, these words which we have come to understand as keywords needs to be in the right places. These are the title, the description and the body content keywords. Ensure that the most essential keywords which are relevant to your content are placed in your blog title. The content body should also be strategically sprinkled with these essential words. Done right this can help in optimizing your blog content making it easier to be found and indexed by the search engines.

Using the right words is therefore important as it will determine what category your blog will be filed under. Unless it is filed under the right tag the chances of visitors finding you in the directory could be slim. And this will ultimately affect the amount of traffic you generate knowing fully well that there are a million and one other blogs out there vying for attention.

2. Never Over Use Tags

Considering the benefits of tagging you may want to go over-board in using tags for your blog. Unfortunately, that can be counter productive! Trying to get your blog to appear in more listings by overusing tags will only water down the relevance of your blog in those listings. This means much of the traffic that will be coming to your blog will not be targeted. The way out therefore is to be careful in the choice of tags. Only use targeted tags which your blog truly needs as they will be much more effective than the generic ones.

3. The Heart Of The Matter, Your Content Do Matter!

One traffic stats that every blogger is concerned about is bounce rate“. Too much of it is definitely a sign of something that is not right. And most times that something is your content! As the saying goes, content is King. It’s never truer than that.

If you were able to gain some interest in your blog through the correct use of tags but your content is below par, you’ll be doing more harm than good as this will shoot up your blog’s “bounce rate” – a warning sign that your blog is not able to deliver on its promise. So once you’ve stroked the traffic fire with your tags, you should ensure that the content associated with your tags is well worth your visitor’s click. A baited title without the backing of the right or useful content will amount to a cheap trick and won’t earn you a lot of respect – or traffic. You must be ready to deliver on the promise you readily gave in your links. Not doing this with your content will only end in losing a loyal readership or following.

Well I’m sure there is something I have left out or don’t you think so? Let’s get your reactions to these tips. Will be glad to hear from you!

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