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It happen that we organize a blog contest in the  topic of internet marketing, and we’ve got amazing entries and product reviews from the participants. Every tip and advice included in the entries presents the hard work of the authors, they have really done a great job sharing with the world their internet marketing best practices, so you got to read more…

In this post you will find a list of the articles submitted to the blog contest, I hope you will find it useful and enjoy the read. (this post will be updated to include more links)

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Blog Contest Entries and Links

[box type=”yellow”]1– 5 Simple Tips to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, by Devesh (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]2– Why I Love this Brilliant Information Product: “You Don’t Need a Job; You Need Guts“, by Farnoosh Brock (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]3– Market Samurai Review: Stand On Top Of EVERYTHING When It Comes To SEO, by Jane Sheeba (about the contest)

  1. Brick Marketing: Market Your Business the Brick Marketing Way
  2. Facebook Marketing With Fans Bridge
  3. Author+ plugin with attractive features from WordPress
  4. Resume Writing Services Review
  5. Web Hosting Deals: A review on the website and its services
  6. Deal Zippy: Get Your Best Online Daily Deals
  7. Choose the best of the best landholding
  8. Get Awesome Deals At DealZippy
  9. Right Insurance Through Life Insurance Finder
  10. Can You Boost Your Business Through The Brick Marketing Way
  11. Get the best from online resume services
  12. WordPress plugin, Author+ takes authors to new heights
  13. Brick marketing – An efficient tool to promote your business online
  14. Better Facebook marketing strategies through FansBridge
  15. Get a Best Deal Through Web Hosting Deals
  16. Pick the best insurance policy from the best insurance company
  17. Review On Aidyreviews.net
  18. A Take on FansBridge: Latest Blog on Facebook Marketing
  19. Find your right Life Insurance with Lifeinsurancefinder
  20. Dealzippy Gives You The Best Deals Across Uk
  21. Webhosting Deals – Choose The Best Web Hosting Smartly
  22. Get Your Right Insurance Via Life Insurance Finder
  23. Author+ WordPress Plugin Review: Great For Multi-Author Blogs
  24. Website to promote indie talent
  25. Insurance to protect yourself and your kith
  26. Professional Resume Preparation Through Resume Services Online
  27. Fansbridge Will Help You Become a Successful Facebook Marketer
  28. A review on Joelane
  29. Top Class Professional Resumes at Resume Writing Services
  30. Select a value for money webhosting service provider
  31. Get The Best Deals in UK – Dealzippy
  32. Aidy Reviews – a Valuable Resource for Indie Artists and Layman


[box type=”yellow”]4– One Product, One Review, 4 Figures a Month, by Dave Baker (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]5– How to make WordPress the Affiliate Marketer’s Secret Weapon, by Dr. Lawrence Kindo (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]6– How To Become An Affiliate Marketer, by Costa (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]7– Should we use Social Media for marketing our Products?, by Sandipan Mukherjee  (about the contest)

  1. Deal Zippy – The Group Buying Search Engine
  2. 5 reasons why you should visit life insurance finder
  3. Learn Facebook Marketing Secrets
  4. Do you need SEO Services?
  5. How to choose a Web Host for your Website or Blog?
  6. Aidy Reviews – Movies, Poetry, Miscellany
  7. Why do you need Resume Writing Services?
  8. Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin
  9. Life Assurance in Life Insurance Finder
  10. Get the best deals of the day in Deal Zippy
  11. Where should you find Movie Reviews?
  12. Resume – The Trump Card to get the Job Interview
  13. Best WordPress Plugin for Multi-Authors Blog
  14. SEO Service can change your Online Business
  15. Start Facebook Marketing Today
  16. Reviews can help you to choose the best Web Hosting Service
  17. Life Insurance – Do we need it at all?
  18. Visit Fans Bridge to learn Facebook Marketing
  19. How to attract Guest Bloggers to your Blog?
  20. Does Facebook Marketing Help?
  21. Review of Fans Bridge
  22. Important Tips in Facebook Marketing
  23. The Lane Real Estate Team
  24. Ways to Get Guest Bloggers In Your Blog
  25. Tips to find an efficient SEO company
  26. Easy Ways to find the Best Life Insurance Deals
  27. Choose the Right Web Host
  28. The Lane Real Estate Team
  29. Why do you need to Hire a Professional Resume Writer?
  30. Review of Life Insurance Finder
  31. Review of Lane Real Estate Team
  32. Review of Resume Writing Service
  33. Review of Brick Marketing
  34. Review of Web Hosting Deals
  35. Review of Author+ WordPress Plugin
  36. Review of Deal Zippy
  37. Review of Aidy Reviews


[box type=”yellow”]8Take Your Internet Marketing Business to the Next Level in 2012, by Danielle McGaw (about the contest)

  1. Does Web Hosting Matter?
  2. Facebook Marketing Secrets: A Great Start for New Facebook Marketers
  3. Do Freelance Writers REALLY Need to Understand SEO?
  4. AIDY Reviews for TV, Books, and Movies
  5. WordPress Plugin Review: Author+ Premium
  6. Site Review: AIDY Reviews for Movies
  7. Resume Writing Services Review
  8. Professional Resumes Can Help Your Career – InfoBarrel
  9. Are You Marketing With Facebook Pages Yet? – InfoBarrel
  10. It All Starts With a Great Resume « A Dynamic Life
  11. Author+ Premium Plugin Will Rock Your Blog
  12. Web Site Review: AIDY Reviews
  13. Author Plus Premium Plugin for WordPress Bloggers
  14. How to Find the Best Web Hosting Deals
  15. Quality Web Hosting: Where to Find the Best Deals
  16. Life Insurance is NOT One of the Things You Should Cut Back On!
  17. Great Savings at Deal Zippy to Help You Live Without a Job!
  18. Web Hosting: Get the Info You Need


[box type=”yellow”]9– CurationSoft Review: Creating Content Has Never Been Easier, by DiTesco (about the contest)

  1. FaceBook Marketing Secrets
  2. Brick Marketing: Full SEO Services
  3. The Lane Real Estate Team
  4. How To Find The Right Life Insurance Policy For You?
  5. How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service?
  6. Should You Outsource Your SEO Campaign?
  7. SEO: DIY or Get Outside Help?
  8. LifeInsuranceFinder: Best Life Insurance Comparison
  9. Author+ Plugin – Extended Author Bios Made Easy
  10. Author+ Plugin – Good For Multi Author Blogs And SEO
  11. Quick Guide To Effective Job Search
  12. DealZippy – Group Buying Search Engine
  13. Quick Guide To Home Selling
  14. Aidy Reviews: Movies, Poetry, Miscellany
  15. Web Hosting For Your WordPress Blog
  16. Build More Exposure For Your Website And Your Authors
  17. Group Deal Search Engine
  18. FaceBook Marketing Guide
  19. How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider
  20. DealZippy Review: Deal Search Engine Aggregator
  21. Author+ Plugin Review: Easily Extend Your Authors Bios
  22. Web Hosting Companies, Which One?
  23. How To Create An Effective Resume
  24. Quick Guide To Selling Your Property
  25. Aidy Reviews: More Than “What’s On Tonight?”
  26. FaceBook Marketing Resource Guide
  27. FansBridge: Getting the best from Facebook Marketing
  28. Poor Web Hosting Can Break Your Marketing Campaign
  29. Web Hosting Deals
  30. FansBridge – FaceBook Marketing
  31. Blogging Dojo: Makers Of The Author+ Plugin
  32. ResumeMag Blog: Write Better Resumes
  33. DealZippy: Personalized Deal Alerts
  34. Deal Zippy: Perfect deals, in one place, everyday
  35. What You Need To Know About FaceBook For Business
  36. Web Hosting: Which One Is Right For You?
  37. Why Should You Outsource Your SEO
  38. FaceBook Marketing Guide, Tips And Tutorials
  39. Brick Marketing: Your SEO Solution
  40. Deal Aggregator Makes Searching Daily Deals A Breeze
  41. Are Web Hosting Providers All The Same?
  42. AIDY Reviews: Your movie and television review site
  43. Best Life Insurance: Finding the right Insurance coverage
  44. The Lane Real Estate Team: You property investment guide
  45. Want a professional resume? Leave it to the experts
  46. Extend Your Author Bios With Author+ WP Plugin
  47. SEO Plugins: Are They Enough? (Brick Marketing)
  48. Author+ Premium Plugin – Author Pages Extended
  49. Web Hosting Is Important For SEO
  50. FansBridge – Your Resource To FaceBook Marketing
  51. Web Hosting: Learn First Before You Buy
  52. Web Hosting 101: Free Guides
  53. SEO Best Practices Guides
  54. Team Lane: Real Estate Online Marketing


[box type=”yellow”]10– How I Got on Ryan Deiss’ Leaderboard AND Won an IPad with a Tiny Email List, by Ana Hoffman (about the contest)

      1. Brick Marketing: SEO Made Simple
      2. Facebook Marketing Made Easy
      3. Author+ Plugin: What? Why? How?
      4. Aidy Movies reviews.
      5. Best Deal of the Day at your Finger Prints
      6. Find Life Insurance that is Right for you.
      7. How to do Real Estate the Right Way
      8. How to Secure your Perfect Job in Less Time


[box type=”yellow”]11– The Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Your Business, by Salah Messaoud (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]12– 5 Great Strategies To Scare Away Visitors from your Website, by John Britsios (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]13– Ranking, Shares, Likes and Trust has a Large Impact on Sales and Revenue, by Jimmy Sigenstroem (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]14– 3 Smart Ways To Skyrocket Conversion Rates & Not Annoy Your Readers, by Gregory Ciotti (about the contest)[/box]

[box type=”yellow”]15– Three Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Take Your Blog To The Next Level, by Mark (about the contest)[/box]

You’ve got it all!

I would like to thank everyone who involved in the blog contest, and I wish you good luck!

Please, share these entries if you find it useful!

Good luck!

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