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Ranking, Shares, Likes and Trust has a Large Impact on Sales and Revenue

As humans we are very suspicious towards things that we do not know about, and here I mean everything from free stuff to buying something at a webshop, even a simple thing like having to click on an advertisement on a website.

But what the heck does sales and ad revenues have to do with shares, likes, trust and ranking?

It’s very simple, it means that a webshop owner, in addition to the daily task of getting the goods sold and his/her task of making Search Engine Optimization of his/her webshop, advertising the webshop also has to fight against the humans distrust of things that the users don’t know about.

And it’s here where ranking, likes and so on comes in, because these will help you with the users distrust of your website.
We humans are creatures of habit, if the users can see that there are others that trust your website/webshop they will trust yours more easily which in return will give you more sales, clicks and in the end a higher revenue.

So in order to get new visitors to trust your website more, you need to get your users to share your link on Twitter, Facebook where they also press “Like“. And  if you are living in a country that uses Trustpilot or another site where users can rate your website or webshop, you should also get them to write reviews on those sites also. When that’s done or on the way, show your progress on your website so the users can see it and read about other users opinions of your website.

As the shares and likes increase you will without a doubt see the result on a daily basis on your sales or ad revenue. Internet marketing on social media will also increase your traffic, and more traffic will always create even more traffic because they will share your site with others if they like it!

I can even give you an example from my life!

I own a danish currency rates website that also has an currency converter. In the beginning I didn’t have a Facebook page, a Facebook like or share button which was killing my CTR and my revenue as the end result.
So in April this year I placed a Facebook Share and created a Facebook page for the website, and placed both on the website hoping that would change my CTR.

The result was instant, my CTR increased within one week so in a  month my CTR rose by more than 100% from 0,08% to 0,18%. And it hasn’t stopped rising since that date, which means that the CTR at the end of November 2011 is at 0,45% that’s a 500% increase in just 8 months.

You can apply this on your webshop also, because the same rules apply here. People are not always comfortable with shopping online and tend to keep buying at the same shop because they know it. Which means that you are not getting that sale, this is where Internet marketing comes in. You need to show your customers that they can trust you and it’s safe to shop at your webshop, but you can’t say it, it has to be your users.

So your Internet marketing should also include Social medias, in order to show your customers that you are one of the good guys.!

Do you tell your users that??

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