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Market Samurai: Stand On Top Of EVERYTHING When It Comes To SEO

Market Samurai

SEO – can’t do without it when it comes to blogging. No matter how much quality content you put in, if you are totally ignorant about SEO, your content might not get the exposure it should get.

And, SEO is one of the scariest things a blogger would be doing/facing. Most people outsource it because they think they can’t handle SEO by themselves. I am going to tell you about a wonderful software that helps bloggers to visualize the bigger picture, as far as SEO is concerned. They can be their own SEO consultants and experts. The software is named, Market Samurai, and here is my review.

For those who are hearing it for the first time here is a layman intro –

What is Market Samurai

Market Samurai” is an application that can be installed in a computer. Individuals as well as businesses can save substantial amounts of time, effort and money by utilizing the well researched and optimized features or this tool. Continue reading my Market Samurai review.

You need not hire or take help from others in undertaking various SEO activities of your website including PPC, Social media marketing and Affiliate Marketing. In essence, Market Samurai is an all-in-one tool and decides the fate of your current and future websites within a few minutes.

Download Market Samurai

You can purchase the application or go for a trial version that can be downloaded and accessed for a period of 12 days. After downloading and installing the software in your system, you can start playing with the features.

Market Samurai Features

Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content, Promotions.

Market Samurai – Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker feature lets you monitor how your website fares for the targeted keywords among various search engines. As this process is automated, you are likely to get the most accurate picture of your website rather than being fooled by better position in manual search.

Manual search is personalized and tends to show up good page rank, but in reality it may differ. Manual search is a laborious and time consuming process. For example, if you want to discover rankings for 4 keywords in about 4 different search engines, it will take a few minutes time whereas Market Samurai achieves the same in a few seconds.

Market Samurai – Keyword Research

From the keyword research page, you can find synonyms of keywords. You can add any number of keywords and check their performance all at once. You can find keyword trends, SEO value of a keyword, keyword competition, Adwords statistics and so many other factors from the single user interface. Those who have checked some of these factors on Google Analytics will also pretty much love to use Market Samurai.

Download Market Samurai

Market Samurai – SEO Competition (the juicy bit)

This tool will help you analyze the top 10 competitors. You can also analyze your own site. The tool lets you go for in depth analysis of any domain or web page by finding key parameters like Domain Age, Page Rank, Index Count, RDD (total number of unique domains referring to a particular domain). It will also help you check whether the site is listed in Open Source Directory (DMOZ) or Yahoo Directory (YAH) or whether the keywords are optimized in Title, URL, Description and Head tag of the web page.

This kind of comprehensive analysis helps you find the competition of the keywords that you are targeting.

Market Samurai – Domains

Market Samurai helps you optimize your website to a greater extent. Optimization is taken to such an extent that even the domain name will be optimized as per the business that you are targeting. The tool will also let you know the domain names that are going to be expired or domain names that are available for sale. You can draw benefit from purchasing a domain which has already got a high page rank.

Market Samurai Monetization

Your website might have attracted a good amount of traffic and yet you are not able to monetize the traffic. Monetization tool is handy for you to help you assess the benefit that you can get by deploying matching products like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction and PayDotCom.

Even though you do not have an account in any of these products, you still will be able to assess the impact before going for an affiliation with these products.

Market Samurai – Find Content

Before launching any product in the market, businesses will carry out a survey to find the competitor’s strength and will try to understand what makes them so successful. In the same way, in the online world also, before you post content for your website or blog site, you might want to undertake a preliminary search to locate relevant articles in your line of business.

Manual search will take time and man power. With Market Samurai’s ‘Find Content’ tool, it will not only save you time but also will pull out all the popular articles in document, image and video formats with a detailed analysis right in front of your eyes.

Download Market Samurai

Market Samurai – Publish Content

With the ‘Publish Content’ tool users will be able to publish articles directly from the Market Samurai’s interface. You will be able to edit and upload articles that you usually manage from Content Management System such as WordPress.

Market Samurai – Promotion

Backlinks will strengthen the page rank of any website. ‘Promotions’ tool will suggest blogs and websites where you can post links to your own website. The process is automated. Hence, you will not only get the right locations to derive backlinks but also you will save lot of time.

In my opinion Market Samurai is the tool you need to master everything when it comes to SEO.


The only concern I was having before writing my Market Samurai review, as I hear from some people is that it is complicated to use and that it takes quite a while to understand all the modules.

But if we carefully follow the video tutorials it is not complicated to use at all.

My promotion strategy

I promote Market Samurai at my blog mostly with banner ads.

I have put a custom designed Market Samurai banner (not the default banner from MS website) on the sidebar of my blog Problogging Success and this converts well. The conversion is good because it is not the “usual” Market Samurai people see everywhere, and hence helps overcome banner blindness.

I also write occasionally about some tips for which Market Samurai can be used for SEO or blog promotion. For instance on this post about effective blog commenting tips, I share a tip where Market Samurai is helpful in this context.

How do you like my Market Samurai review? Have you used this tool before? If not, what are you waiting for?

Download Market Samurai

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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