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Why I Love this Brilliant Information Product: “You Don’t Need a Job; You Need Guts”

You Don't Need a Job; You Need Guts

There is no shortage of information out there. There is no lack of resources or learning opportunities. There is hardly anytime to even read what you have already bought, much less the stuff that is free. I mean, seriously, this information age with this instant internet accessibility has only made us busier than ever.

But it has also made us happier, more educated, better equipped for a life on our own terms, and that, my friends, is powerful!

Speaking of life on your own terms, which is both my mission and goal for Prolific Living as well as my main priority above others, I want to tell you about a book that had an indelible impact on me.

I read a lot. I read books, digital and the paper kind. I read magazines, blog posts, articles, PDF files, and short stories. Generally, I consume a ton of information by reading, and I am always behind on my list.

One day, I came across a book called “You Don’t Need a Job; You Need Guts.” It was part of the training program I had invested in, and this was one of the resources. I was familiar with the author, Ash Ambirge, and if her story and her life doesn’t inspire you, few things will, but even so the material you purchase has got to stand up on its own, whether or not the author had a difficult childhood and adulthood is irrelevant.

And her work does stand on its own brilliantly.

I read this entire book in one sitting and it is a product that I recommend above everything else. I should add that I do not endorse products lightly, and I am highly difficult to please as a customer but when it happens, I become an impassioned speaker on the topic and that’s what happened here.

Why I Love this Brilliant Information Product

Ash is a brilliant online entrepreneur and in her work, she makes the case of working for yourself so crystal clear and so logical that is impossible not to feel a sense of urgency to create your own business and to rely on yourself and yourself alone for the future. In other words, you do not need a job, or another job, or a great job, or the right job. You need guts to create your future and to run your own life on your terms.

Having come from the corporate environment and now thriving on the other side of the fence, I can say without a doubt that her concepts and points valid and smart, and that it is my sincere hope that those who read it make the right move at the right time – the earlier, the better but not too late until it’s too late – in their life to taste the freedom that empowerment about which Ash writes and for which I can vouch.

Get the book – because you do have guts, even if you don’t just know it yet

According to Ambirge, this book is mainly targeted at beginners who are interested in digital entrepreneurship, but do not have a web presence yet, and perhaps they have one that is not yet as effective or as far advanced.

The book talks about the philosophy of work and guides readers on the kind of digital business that best suits their interests, from the principles of running a business online to a step-by-step process, including tools, tips, tricks & the various ways to finally start making money.

Her writing is exquisite, witty, to-the-point, sharp and intelligent – and impossible to put down. But the point she is making here invaluable, and I will be advocating this message for a very long time.

Get The Book

The question is: Will you be hearing and implementing this important message in your own life?

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