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How Google Changed the Way We Think and Remember [infographic]

Google And Memory

I have been wondering for long time, how Google -the most powerful search engine on the planet- helped us to find the information we are looking for without having to remember where we found it the first time, or have to store it any where on our computer, or forced to take a single note to remind us. It’s all there on the Internet, all what you have to do is to Google it, and you will find it.

I remember back in the old days, and before the internet extended rapidly with huge spaces as the way it is today, I used to download every single program or ebook being afraid of losing it and no longer find it. The ideal way was to keep stuff you need always safe on your own computer, you don’t trust the internet because people don’t have large spaces, so they likely remove the old stuff to put newer stuff.

Google and Memory!

Today, things are different, everything is on the internet almost all the time, so we can live with no worries to lose something we want to download latter. Google also has a strong impact on our memory, because you don’t have to remember where was that page, ebook or program you need, you don’t have to remember everything, not anymore!

I think Google is like the GPS, it won’t let you remember an address, or the way back home, maybe because you can always find out where you are, and simply find your way back home with a few clicks on the screen!

Check out this cool infographic by Online Colleges site, it show the impact of Google on our memory, it’s really interesting.

How Google Changed the Way We Think and Remember

infographic by Online Colleges site

Imagine life without google

Man … It will be so hard to live!

What you think?

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