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Getting Back to the Basics – Simple Solution to Success

Getting Back to the Basics

I have gone over the need for quality content a few times. So, I am now going to focus on the development of quality material, as well as a few other basics that we tend to overlook at times. Whether you are just starting out, or feel like you are stalled in your Internet business, the following information can help you get a much needed boost.

I am going to show you simple steps in creating written pieces that will grab the attention of Google, which is a good thing. They are interested in ranking material written for human eyes, rather than computers who snag on keywords and phrases.

Are keywords important? Yes, but so is substance to go along with them.

No more spinning and stuffing. Their days are numbered, and it can’t come soon enough.

First Things First

Yes, I said getting back to basics. So, the first thing you need to do is to take a look around your work area. Are you sitting at the dining room table, between meals? If so, you are limiting yourself to creative time, which is vital in developing a quality site and written material.

That would be equivalent to saying you can’t be creative around breakfast, lunch, or dinner times…because you don’t have an area to take advantage of great ideas that randomly pop into your head. If you have a designated area, which is used solely for work, you can sit down anytime to ‘let it roll’.

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting you  don’t sit down with the family for meals. I am suggesting that you shop for a nice desk, such as the many available glass computer corner desks, so nobody disturbs you in the middle of a creative flow.

Having that professional space that you can go to at any time is important in getting professional results.

Opinions Matter

Just not our own so much. When it comes to quality content, the only opinions that matter are those of who we are hoping to capture as a client, or guest on our website. If we are not producing material that is appealing to them, all other efforts are in vain.

It doesn’t matter what type of site we are running, the same rule applies to everyone. Develop content that the readers are looking for, or they will move on to someone who is supplying it. For example, if you are running a review site, but all your reviews are biased with a positive spin, are you doing this reader any real service by not giving them both the good and the bad?

They simply want the truth. Anything less than that can easily be seen as an advertisement.

Telling a Story to the Reader

If you have ever paid attention to the most popular print publications, you probably noticed their style is one of telling a story to the readers. It draws the reader into the story, as if they are having a conversation.

By talking about real events and people, you are also making it personable and intriguing. And, as a bonus, you are backing up what you claim with real life occurrences. If you can’t find anything to directly back up your words, then use relative samples from your own experience. For example, if you are writing about a hotel you have never stayed at, you can relate to unique amenities that it has in common with a place you have stayed at before.

Not Everyone is a Natural

Writing was not on my ‘top 10’ list of things I wanted to do when I first got into affiliate marketing in 1999. In fact, carpentry was my background. While I love to tell a story, that doesn’t mean I like to put it down in writing, or that it comes natural to me. Podcasts are a different story. Turn the camera on and let me roll.

However, I knew I had to have quality written content and that I needed to find a way. After trying for quite a while, I decided to outsource that part of the business. And, it was during a conversation I had with one of the professionals I hired that I learned how important research is. She said that she spends 3 times the amount of time researching, as she does writing.

This is important, because it gathers a great deal of information, and allows us to know what everyone is saying about a topic before we even start. And, it doesn’t matter how well you know the topic, it helps significantly.

The ABC’s of Quality Content

These steps are important, no matter what the topic is:

A. Research. As I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how well you know a topic, research can enhance your material. By taking notes and finding relevant links and quotes, it gives a sense of authority to each piece.

B. Use an Outline. If you put your material in an outline, it makes the actual writing process go much smoother, giving it a nice flow from start to finish.

C. Keep it Real. Try to use real people and events to help your readers relate to what you are telling them.

D. Short and Sweet. Keeping the paragraphs and sentences fairly short and to the point, it will hold your reader’s attention far longer than run-on blocks and sentences. Use subheadings to not only break it up, but as an announcement of what is to come.

E. Finishing. After the article is written, go through it to check for errors, but also to see if you are left with unanswered questions. If you are, your readers will also feel it.

Even if you still find writing to be challenging, you have the basics laid out for you to know what to expect when hiring someone. Use these steps when instructing them on what you want, as well as when you check through the work.

Any Tekkies?

Whether or not you are in love with technology, or have a love-hate relationship with it, it serves a wonderful purpose in our world. There are many items to help you with your career, by making it easier and quicker to get our jobs done.

Items such as software, iPads, or video conferencing tools are all available to make our work at home much easier. iPads allow you to work from anywhere, especially if you are on the road a lot when creativity strikes.

If you are not familiar with some of these things, or they intimidate you, that is fine. It’s easy to find someone who can help you. Tekkies like to share their opinions. For example, if you need to know how video conferencing works, ask the sales person at the store, or find a message board on the Internet. Help is readily available, so don’t let something like intimidation keep you from using these great finds.

Well, that is my take on the basics. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below.

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