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How High Google Ranking is Like Taking Candy From The Baby

High Google Ranking

Are you still intimidated by search engine optimization (SEO)?

Do you still think there is no chance YOUR blog/site can be the one to show up on the first page of Google search results?

If so,

Take a look at these numbers:

1. 25% of marketers know little or nothing about SEO.

2. Only 14% implement SEO as part of their overall marketing strategy.

3. 60% do not currently invest in SEO at all.

3. 30% are not planning to invest in it in the upcoming year.

These and other statistics were revealed by SEO agency dotSEO in their new NakedSEO report.


Blown away more like it, if you ask me.

With numbers like that, what does REALLY stand between you and that top ranking position in Google?

If at least 60% of your potential competitors out there don’t do a thing to claim their fair share of Google traffic, what would you need to do to beat them?

I am not talking about becoming an SEO expert here, not at all. All you need to do is learn some solid strategies you can put into practice today and watch yourself break away from the pack.

Just find a way to be one step ahead of your competition. After all, getting a step ahead of someone who is standing still isn’t that hard!

If you are still not convinced that SEO is worth the trouble (which I am OK with: less competition for the rest of us), let me touch on one more thing from the report:

***23% surveyed marketers said that they were not all too sure about the benefits of implementing SEO and 14% of them said that they don’t see ANY benefits at all.

Here’s a very quick thought on that: what a bunch of hogwash!

Here’s the expanded version of that thought:

SEO Benefit #1. Google is the first port of call for anyone looking for services, products, or information.

SEO Benefit #2. The organic search engine traffic is absolutely free.

SEO Benefit #3. This is a leveraged traffic strategy, meaning once you achieve high search engine ranking optimization, maintaining it is very easy. You’ll be raking free traffic for a long time to come.

SEO Benefit #4. The traffic you get from SEO is highly TARGETED website traffic = increased sales of your products or services.

SEO Benefit #5. SEO is a marketing strategy that never sleeps – once your site is highly ranked, it will work for you 24/7/365.

SEO Benefit #6. It’s a very cost effective strategy, especially when you do it yourself.

Trust me, there are more where these came from.

Now if your objection to SEO is merely that fact that you don’t know anything about it and have no idea where to start, I’ve got the answer for you: download my free 7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination report, READ it and IMPLEMENT it. I promise that alone will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Question: is it wrong to take advantage of your competitors who want to know nothing about SEO by simply implementing a solid search engine optimization strategy of your own? Comment below.

And one more thing: I suspect that I will get a lot of comments on how difficult your particular market is and how it’s dominated by some heavy-weight gorillas. Yes, it’s true there are markets you are better off staying away from. However, these markets are not the rule. Find yourself a niche that doesn’t have a competition killer.

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