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How to start a Q&A site using WordPress? This post will answer this question and by example as usual, you can check out here at Ask Famous Blogger powered by WordPress and AskIt ElegantThemes theme. I remember when it was a very complicated math to develop and create a website for example like Yahoo Answers using WordPress, many people were asking for this kind of sites so they can start their own active online community.

Well.. I was one of those guys by the way! If you know me enough, then probably you already know that I love building communities, and one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever worked on was starting questions and answers section in a discussion forum, I could see after a while how much fun it’s to ask a question and get the answer from different point of views, opinions, and experiences.

So, What’s up Famous Bloggers?

One thing I felt I should do long time back is to buy all Famous Bloggers domain names, for example .net .org .info .co , and this is what I did, although I haven’t got the chance to get the .com yet as it”s sold to someone else before we started FB!

Ask Famous Bloggers - Free Blogging Advice


Now we have a new setup at FamousBloggers.info, this site will be a place where we can ask and answer to question related to blogging, business and making money online from blogging. so basically I am not going to answer a lot of questions here on the blog anymore, I would prefer if you have a question to head over FamousBloggers.info and Ask Famous Bloggers 🙂

The site is 90% ready, I would say 100% but I don’t really think that there is a perfect website anywhere on the internet! Anyways.. I decided to pronounce it right a way as there is no need to wait! I will try to keep it simple as it’s to serve the community as one of FB projects, so go a head and ask a question!

How Q&A Model can help your business?

Q&A sites -in my opinion- is a very simple and easy way to leverage your community’s knowledge, Q&A sites is ideal for niche sites and it actually can fit any niche site, it could be food site, health, business, money or what ever your niche is!

You can have a BOOM by setting up a Q&A site related to a particular local business in your area! or anything that matters for a group of people and create a community around it, they will love to hang out on your site looking for information they need because simply they are sure they will find this piece of information!

As you see I am always looking to create new sites that are related to each other, this should make a lot of sense to my readers and blog visitors, so now as I am running the new “ASK Famous Bloggers” site, I will be able to provide free support to those who have questions, and this is not all! Also You also can help those who need information by answering their questions.

But anyways, the thing I really want you to think about is why you need a site like this? Is it easy to manage a Q&A site? Is it going to give real value to your community?

If you answer is YES! then certainly you can do it, it’s very simple to create a new Q&A site using AskIt ElegantThemes and a fresh WordPress installation, you have two choices, it can be installed on a brand new domain name that has a strong relationship to your main domain name, or you can simply create it on a sub-domain, E.G. (ask.yourdomain.com or community.yourdomain.com), it cool to give others new ways to communicate (fun) and get the help when they need it!

Why the Q&A platform is ideal as addition to your niche site?

Signing up for ElegantThemes WordPress Themes?

I’ve said this before, and I will be saying it for ever even I am not running ElegantThemes on FamousBloggers main blog (We are using Thesis Theme), I decided to use Askit ElegantThemes on one of our projects at FamousBloggers.info signup for ElegantThemes first then pick up any other theme of your choice,

Check out my other blog posts to get more info about ElegantThemes:

Many bloggers and webmasters has ElegantThemes membership, if you don’t have it then why not Get your blog an Elegant Theme Today? (aff)

Have a question about blogging?

Of course you have one 🙂

Here you go, get answers to your blogging related questions 🙂

P.S. You shouldn’t expect me to answer all the questions, although I will do my best, however I am sure you will get a few answers from our community! So, put in mind that (when you ask) you are not asking your question to Hesham, you are asking Famous Bloggers!

Let the FUN begin!

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