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Is ElegantThemes Developer License Another Way to Make Money?

ElegantThemes Developers

ElegantThemes changed it’s price recently, and Nick is keeping impressing us with ElegantThemes news, there is a very short statement on ElegantThemes blog published today, good news for it’s fans, of course mostly designers and developers will find this interesting.

ElegantTheme has came up with a Developer Licenses that allows you to use all their themes on any site of your clients, which actually was kind of pain before, now this problem is solved, and finally the licensingoption is available for developers, and you can get your ElegantThemes Developer License today for $89 one time fee, it’s aviliabe only for those who has a normal subscription, this means if you are new to ElegantThemes and you want to get the developer license, you must subscribe to the normal membership first by paying amount of $39 then another $89 for the developer license, which is a total of $128 for new members!

Just remember that to get the developer license, you have to make one time fee!

Anyways… Elegant Themes still has..

I know that before the new developer licenses, designers and developers has to register new accounts for their clients, it was a lot of headache, now it’s much more easier, although until this moment some important information still missing, it’s in my opinion about how financially it will be managed. Probably Nick wants everything to go smooth, and make it simple for his ElegantThemes members to work more freely, but..

Why I think it’s not the perfect idea!

For some reason, and this is only my persona opinion, I think it’s better if for example if I have a developer license, this means I can use elegant themes on my clients sites, this also means I can use it on any number of my clients sites, and again it means that I can use it on my friend’s sites! and so on!

I mean it looks like ElegantThemes will have no control on this in the future! especially when there is already a lot of people are using these themes illegally and without paying for it!! now we will never know who is who!

So, I think the solution could be charging a small amount, what ever small amount for developer license to be able to use it on their clients sites!

What  about the Affiliate program?

Regarding to the price change, the ElegantThemes affiliate program still paying out 50% which is great deal, but what’s the situation of someone from your referral upgraded and purchased a developer license? How this will reflect the affiliates balance?! This point is not clear yet, and as I said Nick have done a very fast and short statement, and it’s actually not enough for a popular WordPress theme that has a lot of fans, I know that sharing this news fast is cool, but we just need to know more about it, we need more explanation from ElegantThemes.

I am in the middle of pricing a new membership site that has both basic membership and developers membership, and I am taking my time because I really don’t like surprises!

Any thoughts about the best way to do with this kind or developer licenses?!

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