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5 Warning Signs to Help You Prevent Disastrous Blogging Burnout

You might be the biggest blogging junkie on earth. Maybe you have a passion to make money by blogging.  Or perhaps you are in love with writing, or creating.

Take it from a guy who writes 6 to 15 blog posts or articles daily. If you ignore warning signs you will burnout.

Or, crash and burn.

Avoiding blogging burnout:

Heed these warning signs:

You Hate Blogging

Hate blogging? Do you feel sick of posting? You burned out. A long time ago, it is likely, because losing your passion for blogging means you need to take a break.

In some cases you might move in a different direction. In most cases, after taking off 4 or 5 days, from blogging, you come back with a renewed fervor, a hungry, steely-willed, all-powerful desire to make money blogging.

You Suffer through Insomnia

I like blogging. I like sleeping too. If I suffer insomnia I can find a negative influence in my life which needs to be released.

Sometimes I worry about my blog, or if I should guest post more, or post less, or do this, or do that…if these fears keep me up at night I stop blogging for a day or 2.

Well this does not happen too much for me, as you tend to see my posts and guest posts pop up frequently, but when I suffer through sleepless nights with blogging on my mind I take a little break.

You Struggle to Make Money Online

If you struggle to cash in try taking a break from blogging. Running a blog can pad your pockets quickly; setting up Adsense or offering your consulting skills opens up a prospering online cash stream.

Blogging for 3 or 4 months without seeing $5 of ad revenue is a warning sign; you need to take a break, regroup, refresh your mind and develop a new marketing approach.

Taking this tact saves you many headaches and much financial strain now, and in the future.

You Suffer Through Writer’s Block for Days or Even Weeks

I never suffer from writer’s block. Honest to goodness. Because I practice observing life, and my blogging buddies, and, heck, EVERYTHING….and I take frequent breaks each day, too.

Since I am well-rested, and calm, and relaxed, I watch, I write. Simple

Many folks struggle to make money blogging, pinning their struggles on writer’s block….some neglect posting for days, or weeks, or even months.

Take a break from even THINKING about blogging. Maybe a 3 day trip to the beach, or the mountains….whatever you do, kick the thought of blogging out of your head, immediately, for a few days.

After some time you can decide:

You Are Cranky

Cranky bloggers are burned out in many cases. In a few cases these guys and gals are unhappy. In more cases, they are cranky folks.

You might need to take a blogging break. Try it.

The Solution

Take a blogging break. Avoid thinking about blogging, or networking, for….1 day, or 5, or maybe, 10.

The length of time depends on you, and what your intuition says you need to do.

Sit in a quiet room. Ask yourself if you need a break from blogging, and for how long.

The answer will reveal itself. I myself take 1 or 2 day breaks. After this time I am ready and raring to go!

How frequently do you experience blogging burnout?

What warning signs do you want to add to this list?

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