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How To Cure Blogging Burnout

You’ve encountered this new passion for blogging. You have probably started your own blog as well.  This new platform of communication provides opportunity and excitement.  These emotions fulfill us momentarily. However, a few short weeks later, we discover that the honeymoon phase of blogging has past.

To keep your blogging career a success, you must develop new information consistently, so that you don’t fall off the blogging treadmill. As your community and readers grow in strength and numbers, you’ll need to develop new avenues of information to sustain their attention.

Blogging burnout is a common condition that can be cured. From previous experience, the main cause of blogging burnout is demanding more from yourself than others expect. Blogging burnout is often caused by exhaustion and can corrupt your creativity. To be free from creative burnout you must have a balanced lifestyle.

1: Carry a notebook with you

Subconsciously your mind is developing ideas constantly. Capture these ideas in a notebook. This is a simple way to develop good ideas. Consider brainstorming new ideas at least 15 minutes a day. Time yourself to develop new ideas and you’ll be surprised with the gems of information that can be attained if you just look for them.

2: Take a break

Successful people have a balanced lifestyle. If you’re working constantly 24/7 on your blog you’ll quickly run out of ideas and steam. This is not healthy for your self-esteem and mental focus.

Have you heard the saying: “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”  You don’t need to post every single day. I strongly recommend writing three or four articles per week. If you publish an article on Monday, publish another article on Wednesday and so on. If you publish seven days a week you’ll find your audience may become exhausted.

All work and no play makes Mike a dull boy,”

3: Spend time with family and friends

The people around you are valuable. You must have quality time in your life. Relationships are crucial. Just as the song states: “loneliness is the killer”, (Killer, by Seal, 1990).We all need human interaction. Make sure you spend time with those you love and notice there’s more to life than technology and blogging.

4: Get off the computer

Do something completely different. The Internet has lots of useful resources. However, having your head stuck in front of a laptop screen for prolonged periods of time causes tension. The human body functions at its peak when we’re psychically active.  Excessive computer usage leads to stress, tension headaches and can be very demanding on our mental focus.

There is an exciting world called “modern-day life”, that contributes to a variety of creative thoughts and inspiring patterns that can help you create great articles for your blog.

Do something different. Go outside. Take a walk. Go to the cinema. Go for a drive. Visit a natural place such as a: forest, mountainous region or beach and experience nature’s greatest secrets. I can guarantee spending time away from a computer screen will improve your blog.

5: Create quality posts not quantitative posts

Copyblogger’s main rule is to develop great content. Brian Clark focuses on developing awesome information without the compromise of quantitative content. We can easily publish several posts per week; however, the quality can suffer. I focus on creating quality information rather than publishing a half written article. Blogging is about valuable and quality content.

6: Reduce your time using social media

The addiction of social media can easily eat up your spare time. Although, social media is a vital component of blogging, you must limit your time on networks such as Twitter, Skype and Facebook. The smartest approach is to spend 15 minutes per day or less on social media.

7: Reduce commenting time

You can read numerous blogs and generate a string of ideas. Commenting on blogs is a time-consuming process. Blog commenting is not an effective link building campaign. You don’t really need to comment on 50 of 60 blogs a day to increase your blog traffic. If you want to increase your blog traffic, focus on creating well-written guest blog posts.

8: Avoid creating unrealistic deadlines

Many bloggers have full-time jobs. Therefore, it’s important to set realistic targets for your blogging success. How many hours can you devote per week to your blog? Realistically, 10 to 20 hours a week is reasonable for a full time employee.

9: Plan ahead

Create a timetable of all your commitments.

Plan accordingly where you can write a decent article. To create a high-quality article you’ll need roughly 3 hours. Planning ahead provides clarity and enhances productivity.

10: Accept guest posts

If your blog has a good readership, you should consider accepting guest blog posts. A strong blogging community needs new ideas and concepts. Guest blogging is a great method of developing new content. In addition, guest posts give the blog host an opportunity to relax a little and recharge their batteries.

11: Exercise your body

Blogging can be very exhausting mentally. The body requires exercise too. Overtime, if you’re participating in any sit down job, your body is prone to weight gain. Sweating is the greatest method to relieve stress. Exercise is a remedy for blogging burnout. Take your mind away from the computer and you’ll discover a fresher approach to blogging.

12: A day off from blogging and social media

Spend one day a week away from: twitter, Facebook and any other social media sites. If possible, also switch off your computer for one-day per week. We all need a day off from blogging. We don’t realise how much we take technology and electricity for granted. You wait until your electricity supply fails.

13: Have other interests than blogging. Seriously!

Everybody needs alterative interests than blogging. If blogging is your heart and soul, you must have different hobbies. Otherwise, you’ll be just obsessed with blogging and life will become very one-dimensional. A successful blogger has a variety of interests and hobbies. If you quit as a blogger and that’s your only interest, generally you’ll feel like a failure. Have a variety of hobbies and blogging will become more proactive and more productive for you. If you don’t have any other hobbies than blogging, then why don’t you go to blogging events and meet new people?

14: Take one day at a time

A successful person understands that there’s only so much that can be achieved in a day. Focus your efforts wisely. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t let social media control you. Have a written goal and work hard to attain that goal. You’ll do much better when you plan for success.

Now it’s your turn

As a blogger you’ll discover blogging burnout. Focus your attention on developing a successful mindset and the rest will follow.  Do you have any ways that improve your creativity? Please comment 🙂

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