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Are You Visiting Any Pro Blogger Events in 2013?

Pro Blogger Events

Being a professional blogger is unmatched among the jobs of the world, allowing you to work from home amid comfort, family and friends, and a real lack of common stress-creating circumstances found in more traditional workplaces.

That’s not to say that hard work isn’t involved, though, and one area where effort is extra important is in staying ahead of your peers and competitors in order to offer readers the kind of content that encourages clicks, subscriptions, and return visitors.

Give yourself an extra weapon as you battle the millions of bloggers vying for the public’s attention by making travel plans that include professional growth – check out one or more of these four pro blogger events in 2013:

1. New Media Expo 2013

No matter why you blog, new media is your platform, making NMX 2013 in Las Vegas a perfect way to start your year of blogging off on the right foot! A huge event that draws thousands of attendees from all over the world, there isn’t a single subject that won’t be covered by someone at NMX, giving you the opportunity to rub shoulders with colleagues from every facet of working on the web, including designing, writing, marketing, and everything in between!

Whether you’re well-established online or just starting out, you’ll find the workshops, lectures, educational tracts, and networking opportunities here unbeatable and more than worthwhile, allowing you to leave refreshed, inspired, and with all of the new tools that you’ll need to make 2013 a memorable one for your business!

When and Where: As if you need an excuse to visit, NMX will take you to Las Vegas, Nevada from January 6-8, 2013, giving you the backdrop you need to kick 2013 off right in every way!

2. TBEX Canada ’13

Promising to be the largest gathering of travel writers, bloggers, and industry-related media designers in the world, TBEX is absolutely unmissable if you are a blogger in the travel niche. This two-day conference will feature a series of workshops and educational sessions that will focus on how to be successful in the niche, whether you’re a blogger or a web-savvy agent.

Learning opportunities aside, there isn’t a better place on Earth for travel bloggers to get to know one another, setting the stage for an endless array of potential partnerships and collaborations, and helping you to leave with the new goals and the new contacts that you need to take your web endeavors to the next level.

When and Where: The AllStream Centre in Toronto, Ontario will play host to TBEX Canada ’13 on June 1-2, 2013, giving you an opportunity to experience the great white north during its glorious green summer!

3. BlogHer 2013

Women in the blogosphere are a quickly growing force, unleashing a torrent of fresh, new ideas onto the web and making their contribution known to all. In order to meet other like-minded ladies for technical chat and valuable educational opportunities, the BlogHer Conference brings female bloggers together for learning, sharing, and growing to be had by all.

While the focus here is female bloggers, their male counterparts are certainly welcome to come take it all in, as well!

When and Where: BlogHer 2013 will make its return to Chicago from July 25-27, 2013, giving you a beautiful place to explore over the course of the three-day event. Need accommodations? Check out Chicagohotels.org for great rates around the city!

4. Fitness and Health Social Media Conference

If you blog under the fitness and health category, consider paying a visit to the American Midwest in order to meet your colleagues and learn from the best of them in this highly focused four-day event that promises to help you to take your blogging and social media game up a notch.

When and Where: The 2013 edition of the Fitness and Health Social Media Conference will run from September 26-29, 2013, in Boulder, Colorado.

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