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Do You Follow The Right Twitter Feeds?

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As a busy, growing company, you don’t want to waste your time sifting through tweets to find something helpful. More often than not, a company’s twitter feed is controlled by a single individual who uses it to tweet personal messages.

You don’t care about @tonysmith’s birthday or @MaryQ’s new baby. Luckily, you’ll find a few that offer nothing but well selected articles aimed at helping your business flourish in every aspect. There will be no sifting here, just a quick game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe to decide which article you want to read first.

Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Small Business Professionals


You’ll definitely want access to the wisdom coming from the tweeters of score.org. Offering free mentoring for all aspects of the small business world, this nonprofit association’s goal is to educate small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Business plan must haves and patent 101 are just a couple of the many helpful articles you’ll find coming from this twitter feed.


Soak in every tweet, because each one offers better advice than the one before. These tweets are coming from the small business brains of Entrepeneur.com, and offer up easy to digest advice for every day questions you might stumble upon.

You’ll be thankful for their advice on how to cure “The January Doldrums” and avoid total marketing mishap.


Branding is one of the most important factors in creating a successful small business. Following the twitter account of the blog ranking 11th on the list of the Top 100 Blogs in Small Business will give you every chance to successfully brand your company.

If you’ve already nailed it, check in with them to learn how to “Claim it! Own it! Now Promote it!”


Hailing all the way from the UK, you’ll immediately connect with your new twitter friends despite the distance! This fun-loving twitter page provides important information hidden behind a cute, very pink, outward appearance.

Their playful exterior and useful articles will have you smiling while you decide whether to read about social commerce or marketing budgets.


These social media junkies are not joking around. Social media is swallowing the business world whole, and Online Social Smarts wants to make sure you survive and still thrive. As something that is new to a lot of small-biz owners, you might not know the best way to put your business out there.

You’ll find fool-proof articles on how to tweet with your customers and get in on current trends.

Twitter can be a pain if you aren’t making smart connections with people within the twitter-sphere. It can be a great resource filled with educational tips, tricks and articles, if only you use it correctly. When you sift through the fluff twitter feeds, you can get to the ones that are focused on making their followers’ businesses better.

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