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How To Get More Twitter Followers

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What You Need to Know For Maximum Exposure on Twitter, and how to get more Twitter followers Fast! While the internet hasn’t been in existence for very long, its rate of development has been exponential. Of particular note is the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, and Twitter.

The massive popularity of these sites has led some to coin the term “Web 2.0” in reference to both the new interactive capacity and the new networking focus of the internet in people’s daily lives.

Twitter, as the newest popular addition to this group of sites, has become particularly important for those who work in e-commerce or internet marketing professions. To many in the advertising business, it represents an easy, cheap, and effective way to reach a massive audience.

Read on to learn the best ways to create a huge group of followers on Twitter for any business purpose you can imagine.

Focus on content

While there are tricks you can use to get more followers, when it comes down to it, the main reason people will follow you is because they enjoy and appreciate your content.

If you have nothing interesting to say or are simply spamming them with ads for your business or product, you will not gain followers and will probably lose those who gave you the benefit of the doubt.  One method is to focus on what you are interested in or something truly unique you have to offer and work from there: people who search for the topic may find you and you can gain a base the old-fashioned way.

To help this along, it is good to use hashtags, albeit sparingly. A hashtag is a way of marking a keyword in your post. For example, if your specialty is PPC advertising, you may want to put a “#” mark before “PPC” in your tweets to mark it for easy searching. Not everyone uses hashtags, but they are popular enough to increase your followers.

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Watch/Follow Top Twitter Users in Your Niche

Another approach would be to watch top Twitter users in your niche, use Twitter search to track hot discussions in your niche, and focus your efforts on those topics to generate a lot of user traffic. This method is more time intensive, as you have to continuously stay updated and come up with new topic specific/latest news type of tweets.

Advertise Your Twitter Page!

Advertise your Twitter account everywhere:  on blogs, other social networking sites, your business website, business cards, and even real-world business meetings and events.

For every new follower you get from this sort of targeted traffic, you have access to a whole related network of people who will be naturally more inclined to follow you than the average web browser. This helps your followers grow through word-of-mouth, recommendations, and horizontal linkages.

Another small tip

In the process of doing all of this, don’t forget the basics.  Don’t tweet too much, or too many unrelated tweets, as you may lose your audience’s attention. Tweet about pertinent and interesting information, make sure you have a profile picture and  fill out your bio, and cater to what your audience wants to know.  You will gain and keep more Twitter followers in no time at all.

What is your ways for gaining more followers and keep those who are following you on Twitter?

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