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That Guy is The Top Commentator in His Own Blog, Duh!

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Nowadays, Most of the blogs are converting from No-follow to Do-follow and yes, most of them have a “Top Commentators” widget in them. It recently came to pass that on my own blog, the top commentators widget was showing my name on the top – My admin somehow later managed to remove my name from the widget.

As we all know, every blogger is highly recommended to respond to his commentators effectively to build their credibility as well as to help out his reader.

But in this case…

Tweaking of "Top Commentators" Widget in Dofollow Blogs

Suppose your “Top commentators” widget shows the top 10 commentators in your blog and you, the admin/editor, is turning out to be the first name in the list for obvious reasons. It can have two miserable consequences:

  1. A critic might probably be uttering this at you – “That Guy is the top commentator in his own blog. Duh!”
  2. Ok, you have 10 people showing up in the list. The 11th top commentator would take the 10th place if you weren’t in the list’s top. Why don’t we treat our readers like kings?

This was just a small tip to all my blogging counterparts out there, have your say in the comments. 🙂

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