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Traffic Generation Contest Prizes and Only a Few Days Left!

Traffic Generation Contest Prizes

Hey everyone, today we are going to share how we have structured the prizes that are provided by our sponsors for the traffic generation blogging contest winners. The good thing is that we have enough prizes for multiple winners, so after we discussed a lot about it, we’ve decided to award 15 winners so that we will be able to give big cash prizes.

It’s getting more exciting that there are plenty of really good traffic generation articles being published so far by our contest participants.

Let’s see how much everyone will win!

Contest Prizes

#1 prize is a big $1000 cash prize via Paypal (Make sure your paypal can handle it -:)

#2 will get a sweet $500 cash prize via Paypal! Awesome, huh?!

#3 will win $250 cash via Paypal.. Cool!

#4 will get $200 cash via Paypal

#5 will get $150 cash via Paypal

from #6 to #15 the prize is $100 for each, not bad 🙂

So, you now know what you will get if you are one of our winners!

Communicating with judges!

Our team of judges will start working right after all articles are published. Judges will decide the winners based on quality of content, so we are going to have 5 – 10 judges to make sure that results will be fair for contest participants.

Check our judges team from the last contest!

Do I still have a chance to participate?

Yes, you can participate!

Submission will close on the 31st of March 2011. This means you still have one week to participate and submit your article. There’s a good chance of winning, as we are having 15 winners!

Visit the Traffic Generation Contest information page NOW!

Good luck everyone!

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