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10 Amazing SEO Infographics to Educate your Staff and Clients

SEO Infographics

I have mentioned before that Infographics can be a great way to teach those that learn better visually than with with a bunch of data and book research. With that being said, thats why I enjoy infographics so much. Not only am impressed with design side of it, but I get to learn something new at the same time.

Today wanted to do a follow up to one of my previous articles about infographics, I thought I would share with you a few my favorite SEO Infographics. To me and most other SEO consultants and online marketers believe SEO is important for running a business website.

Amazing SEO Infographics

The list of Infographic I have mentioned here can be used for a variety reasons, but the one thing all of these have in common is they can be used to train your team members or educate your clients on how much work we put into optimizing and marketing their sites.

1. The Visual FAQ of SEO infographic

SEO In Pictures – Our SEO Infographic

This image is a road map for SEO. It has keyword research, site architecture, page optimization, link building, SEO tactics, social media, basic SEO, and pay-per-click. This infographic is a quick visual reference guide for SEO, it can give someone who doesn’t understand / know about SEO a better understanding what an SEO consultant has to do to get those page one results on the search engines.


Value of SEO v. PPC infographic

SEO verse PPC is a graphic chart that clearly shows how SEO has better conversion rates than PPC. In my opinion I think SEO is better than PPC. Using this infographic is a good resource to show a client why they shouldn’t go with pay per click or at least try not to invest to much in this type of marketing.

3.  SEO Hierarchy of Needs

SEO hierarchy of needs

Hierachy of Needs for SEO is a great infographic. Its short, simple and gets the point across. This infographic is a spin off from Abraham Maslow’s Heirachy of Needs. Maslow’s theory all about human growth and the SEO Hierarchy of Needs is about the growth of SEO on a website starting with keyword research and ending with linking building at the end.

4. Long Tail SEO

long tail SEO

Long tail one of the easier ways to get good ranking in the Search engine. SEO long tail is basically using a combination of highly used phrases along with 3 to 4 word phrases that will have a better chance at bring more traffic to a target group of readers. In others words, long tail SEO is the art of creating keyword phrases that target readers that are looking for a particular product or service. This infographic does a good job and visually exampling the cost of single keyword versus long tail SEO.

5. Robots.txt File Explained

robots.txt file explained

Ever wondered what that robots.txt file in your websites’ file is and why you need. This infographic explains visually in a flow chart how and what the the robots.txt does. Basically robots.txt tells the search engine crawlers where they can and can not crawl on a site.

6. Link Juice


This infographic is cute graphic designed to look like juice can. It uses the ingredient label to explain from most important to the least important factors of getting link juice. When working on link building, don’t forget to look at this infographic for a quick refresher on link juice.

7. Fear Google!

Fear Google - The power of Analytics and user data

The creator of Google uses dark humor to get the point across about Google Analytics and how powerful it is. At the same time its kinda worrisome how little privacy you have on the internet. At the same time, I consider Google Analytics to be a powerful tool for SEO research and traffic trends and its major tool that I use daily.

8. Learn How Google Works: in Gory Detail

How Google works

This is a very detailed infographic on how Google search works. The creator was creative with this one. It was designed to look as if it was done by hand and not digitally created. The data is setup in a flow chart style starting with the creation of a blog post going through the possible routes the Google crawlers go through to pull that sites organic search results.

9. Understanding Google PageRank: A Graphical Guide

Understanding Google PageRank: A Graphical Guide

This is another humorous infographic at Google’s expense. The creator explains page by using high school popularity. Basically you can not get the best rank (prom king) when you only the high school bands are voting. You need cheerleaders, jocks and popular kids votes to be the prom king (best page rank).  To understand this you need to check out the article and read the infographic.

10. Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

Ever talk to a client about SEO services and they have expectations that are impossible and you have to explain to them how SEO works and they still want what’s not possible? On those days don’t just want go get a beer after work? Take a look at this fun infographic all about link building. The article has got a lot of good information about link building and what are quality links and  how to get them. Make sure to take a look at infographic its interactive!

Final Thoughts

I find SEO infographics to be helpful, not only for myself but as way to educate others. When looking for SEO graphics, look for ones that are well designed and are accurate. There are so many out there, the ones I gathered, are just a few of the many available on the web.

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