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Google Trends

Google Trends is to blogs as drinking a cup of expresso coffee loaded with sugar is to the human body. A short, sweet, cheap thrill.

Sunday morning I wrote an article about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. As an afterthought, I checked Google Trends looking for significant keywords to include or tag my post with.

Once found, I added them to my article and posted it to the blog. The hits were fast and furious – for a few minutes, then — nothing.

Here’s a partial screenshot so you can see the times of the hits. Explanation follows.

My article posted at 9:49am – the Google searchbot came by at 9:51am – The 25 hits registered between 9:52am and 10:12am – 24 minutes! That’s how fast things turn over on blogsearch.google.com and

That’s a visitor-a-minute… and if just one comes back or subscribes, it’s all good!

So, iIf you’re not doing anything one day, you can select a few hot topics, post them up on your blog and see what will stick!

*** (Keep in mind: my blog is on Google’s blogspot platform, so the search engine responds immediately when I post an article!)

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