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What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #7 with Christopher Jan Benitez

Continuing our “What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup” series, we are introducing you to Christopher Jan Benitez in our feature today.

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As you know, the purpose of this series is to “introduce bloggers to more of their peers in the blogosphere and likely offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog.” Famous Bloggers Roundup #7 continues that “What’s Up, Bloggers!” series by introducing you to Christopher Jan Benitez.

Suggested Tool for Bloggers

As is our custom, the blogger tool recommendation comes from our featured blogger himself, from Christopher Jan Benitez. Christopher recommends the use of Grammarly. I have to second that. This tool is easy to desire to use faithfully (No, I’m not paid to say that). I always have a tab open to Grammarly so that I am ready to check anything and everything. It comes in handy for PhD Dissertations, too 🙂

Here is what Christopher says about Grammarly: “At the heart of blogging is the ability to communicate your ideas in a clear manner, which makes Grammarly Premium my weapon of choice. If you want to check and see if Grammarly Premium is for you, then you read my take on it here.”

You can also visit Grammarly by visiting Grammarly

I love this tool so much, personally, that I’m sure I’ve recommended it before, in previous write-ups! BTW, there is also a plugin for Grammarly. That enables the checking of your grammar within other settings, like WordPress, your web-based email program, and you can even get help with the Windows version of Microsoft Office. So, you don’t have to have the Grammarly tab open. I just like to have it ready at a moment’s notice. Disclaimer: I am a Mac user, so I haven’t tried it with Microsoft Word, on a Microsoft OS (it doesn’t work on the Mac Word version). However, Grammarly works so well in so many different settings that I can’t imagine it being a problem. And, that is a bonus! You still have Grammarly online and the plugins that enable it in other browser settings. People will start calling you a Grammar expert in no time!

Introducing Christopher Jan Benitez

This is how Christopher Jan Benitez describes himself, in his own words, “I am a freelance writer who provides actionable web content at affordable prices.” Christopher has made a living writing for different brands. What is the secret to his success? He aims to help improve his client’s site traffic and online authority. He does this by applying his talent, as a writer, to their success. Sounds like a great recipe, eh?  Well, it is definitely working for Christopher!

Some of Christopher Jan Benitez’s Accomplishments

Christopher has written articles that appear on countless reputable and authoritative sites. Those include Search Engine Journal, Lifehack.org, Business.com, and many others.

His expertise on topics such as digital marketing has allowed him to expand his expertise in writing gigs for these sites. It also helps that these writing gigs serve as proof that he is not only a prolific freelance writer, but also an authoritative one.

Christopher Jan Benitez’s Future Aspirations

According to Christopher, he is trying to become less of a writer and more of an entrepreneur. He is currently developing two boutique agencies: Authority Writing and GoSmrk. We should stay tuned to watch as he succeeds with these new ventures!

When asked about his aspirations, Christopher says:

“I could just stick to writing content for clients, especially since it has served me well in the past and will likely continue to do so in the future. However, I refuse to be complacent, and instead I want to keep learning in the area of how I can do even more to help businesses with their digital marketing needs and earn more money while I am doing so.”

Curious about Christopher’s writing? Here are some of Christopher’s recommended articles:

Finding Christopher Jan Benitez on the Internet and Social Networks

Wrapping Up the RoundUp/Feature

There you have it, another “episode” in our What’s Up, Bloggers! series, introducing you to bloggers you haven’t met before whose articles, research, experiments, advice, and opinions that will give you new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog. (Soon, we won’t be calling it “new” anymore!) Don’t forget to go introduce yourself to Christopher, and say hello.

Thanks for reading (and sharing)!

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