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What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #4 with Gail Gardner

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Continuing our series from what was started here: What’s Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1, after a slight break (Hey, a couple of countries needed to celebrate their birthday 🙂 ). Anyway, please see our last “What’s Up Bloggers!” feature with David Leonhardt! Ok, are you ready?

As a reminder, the purpose of this series is to “introduce bloggers to more of their peers in the blogosphere and likely offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog.” Famous Bloggers Roundup #3 continues that “What’s Up, Bloggers!” series by introducing you to David Leonhardt.


In this section, we talk about what the newest buzzwords are out there. What do you think? What word have you heard (that possibly you have never heard before) that is popping up all over the blogosphere? Help me out on this one and put in the comment section. We will be happy to cover it in our next roundup, giving YOU credit! Hey – need some help here. We want to hear what YOU consider a new and popular buzzword 🙂

Suggested Tool for Bloggers

This week, the blogger tool recommendation comes from our featured blogger, Gail Gardner, whom you will meet in just a moment. Here is her suggestion, in her own words:

“One of the most important skills freelancers and small businesses need to have is to be organized. You must have processes and a way to manage projects.

We use Trello as a visual way of creating those processes and sharing resources. You can get a free Trello account at Trello.com (affiliate link).

Our projects grew so complex and involved with so many people and Trello boards that eventually we moved them to the Enterprise version of Wrike. While Wrike isn’t as well known as Basecamp or Asana, it is far better suited to our needs because it is highly customizable.

We have three separate processes and 67 collaborators in our account. If you need the power of having a custom site built, but don’t want to invest the money in having it built and wait for it to be ready, definitely look into Wrike. Get more information about Wrike.

-Gail Gardner << Thanks, Gail!

Featuring Gail Gardner

You have all received a little taste of Gail’s passion for working with bloggers and finding better, more efficient ways of getting things done, not just for her, but for the blogging community. Now, let’s learn a little more about Gail Gardner.

Gail Gardner

Gail is the founder of GrowMap.com and the co-founder (with Eren McKay) of the Blogger Mastermind Skype group. They are always open to inviting other bloggers to join them in this group, so feel free to click on the link now! Although she set out to be a Small Business Marketing Strategist, the demand for content marketing is so strong that she currently spends most of her time managing writing work for her collaborators.

Some awards that Gail has received

Gail’s Future aspirations

The Writer’s Inner Circle Skype group that Gail helps to manage/started, is discussing launching a media site of their own. Many of the group members are contributors on many major sites and may want to partner on a site that they can all co-own and promote.

Her best bit of advice for anyone, as she puts it, is for bloggers to collaborate. To quote Gail, “Why should each person learn everything the hard way when we can share what we know and mentor each other? Plug into existing collaborations whenever possible to shorten the time it takes to broaden your skill base.”

Gail’s Advice

Gail always has tips. She is a natural at providing some direction for those who come to her, especially in this blogosphere. The following is something that she wrote, with permission to share it in this article, as advice, especially for the FamousBloggers.net readership:

“If you are active in social – and everyone should be – I cannot over-emphasize the importance of using media in your content. By adding multiple custom images, plus a video, a SlideShare, and even an infographic into all your most important content, you can promote it much heavier without annoying your followers.

Upload free images into Canva to create your own unique creations. If you’re not into making videos, SlideShares or infographics, pay someone to make them for you.

Deborah made a round-up of multiple videos we made showing how to use Canva.

I talk about why a particular kind of image is important and how to create and push them in this post/video.

If you need people to create things for you, here is who I recommend:

On Camera Videos: Deborah Anderson
Animated / Voiceover Videos and SlideShares: Julie Weishaar @NewHorizons123

Infographics: Brian Wallace of NowSourcing.com and Nadya Khoja at Venngage.com


Wow – Thanks, Gail!

Finding Gail on the Internet and Social Networks

Wrapping Up the RoundUp/Feature

There you have it, another “episode” in our What’s Up, Bloggers! series, introducing you to bloggers you haven’t met before whose articles, research, experiments, advice, and opinions that will give you new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog. (Soon, we won’t be calling it “new” anymore!) Don’t forget to go introduce yourself to Gail, and say hello.

Thanks for reading!

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