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What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #3 with David Leonhardt

Continuing our series from what was started here: What’s Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1. See also, last week’s Roundup featuring Ileane Smith. Ok, are you ready?

As a reminder, the purpose of this series is to “introduce bloggers to more of their peers in the blogosphere and likely offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog.” Famous Bloggers Roundup #3 continues that “What’s Up, Bloggers!” series by introducing you to David Leonhardt.


In this section, we talk about what the newest buzzwords are out there. What do you think? What word have you heard (that possibly you have never heard before) that is popping up all over the blogosphere? Help me out on this one and put in the comment section. We will be happy to cover it in our next roundup, giving YOU credit! Hey – need some help here. We want to hear what YOU consider a new and popular buzzword 🙂

Suggested Tool for Bloggers

This week’s tool is RiteTag. It is a wonderful tool and personally, I need to use it more! I think once you try it, you will fall in love with it, as well. In fact, we could use it in a team effort to come up with some of those Buzzwords!

First, let’s meet the founder of RiteTag, Saul Fleischman, in the interview here:

Why do I recommend RiteTag for bloggers?

Well, to borrow the words right off of the ritetag.com website, “Increase click-throughs and views with a click” through a process of integration, enhancing, and automation.

RiteTag is quite brilliant really. It is not limited to one social network, but allows you to track and understand what hashtags are getting the most traction and going viral. This enables you, as a blogger, to write that wonderful blog piece and then use RiteTag to help you identify which hashtags are likely to help you to get heard!

Also, RiteTag offers a convenient extension for Chrome, so no excuse there! To really benefit from RiteTag, you will want to purchase one of the reasonably priced subscriptions available on the RiteTag site. However, there are two things in your favor. One is that you can try-before-you-buy on the purchased subscription options and the other is that there is a free version for what RiteTag refers to as the “casual” user.

So, are you ready to check it out and see how you can use RiteTag, as a blogger, and maximize your exposure? Click on the link, above, and get started! Then, come back and share with us on all of the cool techniques and strategies you have tried 🙂

Social Media, Influence, Engagement

There are so many wonderful social media gurus and influencers out there that it is hard to limit myself to only a few. This week, I’m going to spotlight David Leonhardt.

Fellow blogger and social media superstar, David Leonhardt (of Basic Blog Tips) says “Together we’ll explore all the top strategies available to help you master the art of content creation!” on his “About” page.

David is from Chesterville, Ontario, Canada (Ok, I’m a little biased because half of my family comes from an area nearby).

I love how David describes himself on Twitter (Twitter link below). He says, “I run THGM. We write and we promote. I love nature and living simply.” That is such an apt description of David! And, when he says he writes and promotes, he not only does it but does it well!

You can even check out David Leonhardt‘s portfolio of articles here, on Famous Bloggers and see/read for yourself.

[Twitter: @amabaie]

David has some interesting advice, on his site, The lesson:

If you want top rankings, get famous. Do things that win you real acclaim out in the real world, and Google will reward you on the Internet for your renown.

It isn’t just interesting because of what he says, but because it is evident that he lives it! It seems to me that all of us bloggers would like to live up to that suggestion of “getting famous,” but how do you do it? I mean, for starters, how do you find time to write and promote, just to name two aspects of blogging?

I have an answer for you! Follow David and watch and observe how he does it. Seriously, there is a lot to be learned from him. But, more importantly, connect. After all, that is part of the point of our weekly roundup, isn’t it? To meet other bloggers in the great blogosphere.

David is active on many, many social sites. For example, you can find him here, on Pinterest. Visit his site (or should I say one of his sites?) to find him on other social networks, as well.

Wrapping Up the RoundUp

We hope this new series, What’s Up, Bloggers! will introduce you to bloggers you haven’t met before whose articles, research, experiments, advice, and opinions will give you new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog. (Soon, we won’t be calling it “new” anymore!) Don’t forget to go introduce yourself to David and say hello.

Got any ideas for categories of bloggers we should feature or types of questions we should answer? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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