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PopUp Domination 3.0 is out, More Cool Features and Themes

PopUp Domination
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The PopUp Domination 3.0 is out, more cool features and themes ready for you to rock your subscribers count, and double your online sales. I’ve been using it on the blog for over a year, and it has shown great results in increasing my email list opt-ins, I highly recommend it for internet marketers who wants to speed up the process of building their email list. So keep reading my review.

Many internet marketers are using WordPress as their main CMS (Content Management System), this is not surprising, I mean who can resists the huge level of development that has been offered to online businesses via WordPress, that’s actually why I’ve decided to review the plugin!

PopUp Domination 3.0

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Many people are against popups, but I personally don’t have a problem with it, you got to use what is working for you, unless you found a better solution, I mean why should I use something that doesn’t’ work?! I personally have no attend to remove it from the blog as long as it is working well.

What’s new in Popup Domination 3.0

Check Out PopUp Domination Features Now!

Really amazing development has been added to the new version of Popup Domination 3.0 including:

I had a chance to try the new version yesterday, and I must say there is a big difference between the old version 2.0 and this brand new release of PopUp Domination plugin.

→ PopUp Domination multiple popups  & campaigns

The new version allows you to simply create as many popups as you like, give every popup its own options, which theme to use, and where to actually display the popup, this is ideal for campaigns.

So, for example: imagine having two or three different popups on your blog, one for the home page, another in the single post, and maybe another one to show on your about page. Cool, right?

→ Popup Domination A/B Split Testing

We’ve talked about creating multiple popups, so what about spit testing your popups? This is another awesome feature that has been added to the PD 3.0, simply you will be able to split the views between more than one popup, then test it out, see which one is getting more opt-ins, and keep it!

→ PopUp Domination Analytics

This is something that many users asked for, the ability to know how views, opt-ins each popup gets!

Isn’t that cool?

If you don’t have PopUP domination installed on your blog, then I must tell you that you are certainly missing a lot of opportunities.

Get PopUp Domination now!

Why I recommend and promote the plugin

I have many reason to recommend and promote PopuUp Domination.

The plugin has been used by many internet marketers on the internet, this plugin proofed results for everyone, it’s simply the best and the fastest email list building plugin for WordPress users.

I also, recommend this plugin because it is insanely easy to use, all what you have to do is to copy and paste your form HTML code, choose the theme that fits your need, and you are ready to go! In only a few minutes you will be able to display the popup on your blog, and rock your email list.

There are plenty of awesome themes and templates included in the plugin, as well as a punch of premium themes that you can purchase! Plus the ease of creating your own unique theme with a  little design experience! How? the fastest and easiest way is to edit one of the already made themes 😉

Check Out PopDom Themes

And, let me be honest and clear about this, people love it, because I see them buying it almost everyday, I personally sold 137 copies so far this year, and looking forward to sell more!

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Are you using Popup Domination on your Bog?

If you are an internet marketer or a blog, then there are two possibilities…

The first possibility is that you are using PoPup domination plugin on your blog, please share your experience with the plugin!

The other possibility is that you are not using it yet, let’s us know why!

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