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If You had One Wish, What Would it be?

One Wish

Imagine your life as a bubble; you are confined to only your home, no outside contact and the only way you can communicate with people is by internet. You wake up every morning like others do, get your coffee, make breakfast perhaps and instead of the norm you sit at your desk hoping someone at least sent you an email or an invite to a friends list.

You can’t be outside because your body doesn’t permit it, medically you aren’t strong enough to do any physical work and the best part of your world is your brain. You can think, imagine life as it should be, dream the impossible dream and create beautiful things with your mind.

The only problem is your body doesn’t allow you to act out those dreams. You sit behind a computer all day, reading, looking for information, talking to friends, learning to cope and waiting in anticipation for someone to notice you.

How lucky we are?

The ironic thing about this is, there are some people quite like this and we go about our business every day and never stop to think for one moment how lucky we are!

We complain that we don’t have enough money, wishing our businesses would grow, bitch about the smallest thing like the guy who cuts his grass at late hours of the night or that maybe just maybe someday we can win the lottery so we can live that extravagant life we all want and retire early.

So, the question of today:

If you had one wish, would you wish for your winning ticket, or would you wish for a better life for that less fortunate person above? Would you stop more often to think that maybe someone out there needs more than you do, maybe just a smile or an email, a friend request or a shot at a normal life?

No one can see what is hiding behind the laptop; just be grateful you woke up this morning, had your coffee, kissed  goodbye  your loved ones and will come home tonight knowing they will be there waiting for you.

Looking forward to hear your wish!

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