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Guest Blogging: An Effective way of Earning Popularity

Guest Blogging

Popularity in the online world is always hard earned. There is no easy way to ensure that your internet marketing efforts enhance the awareness about your brand. But, what the internet does offer you is an infinite range of tools and techniques that will enable you to attract more traffic to your blog, website, or your business.

Guest blogging is one such technique.

There are plenty of websites that invite expert authors to write for them. By posting blogs on such websites you get the benefit of quality backlinks from sources having a high page rank and which are updated regularly. This ensures that your blog content is crawled regularly, leading to some solid rankings for the specific keywords that you have got your backlinks from.

Here are ways through which guest blogging helps generate popularity.

Your post has the potential to go viral on Social Media

All guest blogging sites these days have integrated social media buttons in order to make their sites more interactive and engaging. Readers who like a particular blog post can immediately share it with their friends and followers on their social media network with the click of a button.

Within minutes of being posted, your post can go viral on social media and earn the kind of popularity that one can only dream about. All those Likes, Tweets, Stumbles, and Diggs will put your blog posts in high gear. Now, tell me that it’s not going to help generate awareness about your brand.

Search engines will pick up the Buzz

The crawlers are always looking for something that’s buzzing on the net; and if your post goes big on the social media, the SEO value that your website or blog is going to earn from it, will be immense. Also, your blog post will have links back to your website, which means that the link will go a long way in generating SEO value every time the blog post is shared.

But, one of the most important contributing factors for improving SEO value of the blog is the fact that the more the post stays on the homepage of the website that it has been posted on, the better the value of its backlink.

Helps Improve Visitor Count

Guest blogs, and very well written guest blogs can even help generate direct traffic to your website. The bottom line is that everybody appreciates a good read, and if your blog material has resonated with the reader, there is every chance that they want to click on the backlink that takes them to your website.

And once they are on your website, quite a number of them will love to know more about your products and services.

A great relationship building exercise

Your guest blog is a great way to foster a relationship with your readers. With your blog, you are talking directly to your readers and sharing your views about a certain subject. If it is really worthwhile, the post is going to generate a certain level of curiosity and in turn attract comments. It is these comments that can help you create an impression in the minds of your readers.

For e.g. if there is a comment that has debunked whatever you have mentioned on your post or critiqued it heavily, you can defend your position and make your point. This is the kind of attitude that never goes unnoticed by readers. It is the attitude of a blogger who believes in what he/she writes and isn’t afraid to stand up for it.

Of course, if a commentator has made a valid point, as a blogger you mustn’t be afraid to recognize it. This is the mark of a blogger that is gracious and accepts his/her mistake. All this goes on to improve your reputation by a long way, which has a carry forward effect on your website and the brand as a whole.

Influencing the Opinion Makers

There is a huge group of people on the internet who are called opinion makers. It is their views on a particular subject or topic, which decides whether an online user chooses a particular product or service. A guest blog in its own subtle way seeks to influence these opinion makers. If they like your post, they are going to give you and your brand the thumbs up.

So, it’s always a good idea to make your post as professional and well researched as possible.

To put it simply, your post needs to be relevant and above all, it must make sense.

This is a small sampling of the reasons why guest blogging is such an effective way of earning popularity.

But, it’s important that you approach it like a battle in which you have come well prepared and fight hard. You can’t take things easy. If you do, your guest blog can go unnoticed, which will lead to a domino effect on your brand. So, be careful and use your guest blogging well.

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