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4 of the Most Effective Ways to Get More Subscribers

Email Subscribers

One of the most common challenges among bloggers is how to build mailing list fast. Many of you already know about growing your mailing list with commenting, guest posting, forums, etc., but today i’m going to talk about some additional simple techniques to grow your newsletter subscribers.

1. Adswaps

One of the most effective and fastest way to grow your mailing list. All you need is a small list and a free item relevant to your niche which you have the rights to give-away in your opt-in email marketing. You can even start with a list of 200-300. You should have at least one high converting free product to offer to prospects.

Warrior Forums is one of the most active forums where you can find a lot of marketers for doing swaps.

2. Popup Domination

Another fast way to build your mailing list is popup domination plugin for WordPress.

Popup Domination is a Premium WordPress Plugin that will increase your opt-in rate by 250-350%. The Plugin has done wonders for hundreds of people already, and it can do the same for you.

3. Subscribers Magnet

This is another awesome plugin to grow your mailing list fast. It combines five never-before-used techniques to rapidly grow your list. Many bloggers use it, including Daniel, Pat, and Ana.

Using subscribers magnet is very easy and it integrates with most email marketing applications (e.g., Aweber, iContact, ConstantContact), so getting the plugin to work is straight forward.

4. FaceBook

Facebook can be a great way to grow your email list. Many people don’t use Facebook to build their email list but it can be very useful. All you need to do is customize your facebook fan page.

The best way to design a Facebook landing page is hire a porfessional from fiverr or digitalpoint forums. If you can’t hire, check out this tutorial:  TUTORIAL: Facebook Landing Page Template (PSD Included)

Building a list is very important because it makes it easier for you to communicate with your readers; it also makes it easier for you to make money blogging.

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