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Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

Website Quality

Sometimes we may have enough content on our website, and we think we are already visible online despite the fact that visitors are not taking any actions and they are not returning back. The main reason for this might lie with the effectiveness of your website.

Maintaining a website, especially a corporate and monetized one, involves continuous updates and activities, as the internet is growing and changing everyday. Some points, experiments and continuous studies are vital to keep up to date with the changes.

See some of the attributes that you should check to evaluate your website:

  1. Accessibility Your visitors should be able to easily connect with your website. The areas where you want your visitors to take actions should also be in a strategic and accessible location.You should find out if your website complies with the current web standards. If not, some contents might not be displayed well or accessible to your visitors. Your website should not just be accessible on various browsers but also on various devices such as mobile phones, ipads, tablets and other devices where your customers would access your website from.Your hosting might also affect your accessibility. Choose a hosting provider that is always up and provides reasonable bandwidth.
  2. Navigation Your website navigation should be organized well. It is the main portal for your visitor to explore your other pages. Unorganized navigation may only keep your visitor on your homepage and just leave. To gain more traffic, especially for your inner pages, have your navigation beautiful and well-displayed.Check if there are organized paths directing you to relevant pages. Verify that your navigation is visible, as much of the time the navigation does get over powered with the text and the content of the site.
  3. Design Common sense means that an ugly website will drive visitors away and good looking design can create lasting impressions. The latter can gain more interests and trust from your visitors. Over time, a website can look outdated and the design gets old.With this, choose a unique design but is still good-looking. Uniqueness of a website requires crucial creativity and efforts on your part. With so many websites online, no one can truly claim uniqueness, hence, just being one of those few yet attractive websites can be a great goal to charm more visitors. Many times, viewers prefer a simple layout and plain colors. Make sure your colors and graphics complement the overall theme and your website’s objective.Your site design must also complement the nature of your business. If you are running a media site, the choice of bright and darker colors can be good. But if you are running a blog site, light and plain colors are advisable for page contents to be readable.
  4. Content If you want to be visible in search engines, you should post relevant and consistently updated content. Creating a blog can also help your website be effective. This can be your avenue to interact with your visitors, update them with the latest news about your brand, and invite them to do complete actions like sign up with your latest promos.People are going online because they want some information, they need help, or they want to have interactions with others. Make sure your content is written well, easy to understand, helpful and answers questions or needs. Your media content, such as images or videos, must also be in fair resolutions, not too blurry yet not too high to prevent slow loading.
  5. Security Security is very vital, especially if you are running an ecommerce site or anything that directs your visitors into paying for something. Verify that your payment gateways are using secured hosting and if your visitors’ information is protected.
  6. Marketing One of the main things one should consider after launching their website is how they will be marketing the site online and offline. You can test various marketing strategies to see which one works for you and your target audience. You can evaluate your marketing plans regularly to ensure that it’s still working and whether any changes are needed.Some of the online marketing you should consider as part of managing your website online is SEO, Socail Media Marketing, and PPC (Pay Per Click such as Google AdWords).

Evaluating based on the above points can help you enhance your website and ensure that it’s up to date in order to gain more traffic and establish a dominant reputation online.

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