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How To Create The Perfect Marketing Message

marketing message

It’s a wonderful thing to have a great product or service that will really benefit or help people, but if you don’t know how to communicate with people none of that is going to matter. The way you position your communication efforts is so important to not only your sales process, but to your overall branding efforts. My formula to designing the perfect marketing message involves making it memorable, identifiable, and customer centric. By doing so you create a message the message that will remember and connect with which will lead to greater brand recognition and loyalty.

Make it Memorable

The key here is tapping into people’s emotions, you want them to feel the messages as much as they are hearing and seeing it. Emotion is the easiest way to get something to stay locked in your memory bank. Most people remember the exactly where they were and what they were doing when 9/11 happened, why? Tragedy plays heavily on people’s emotions. Now although I wouldnt suggest you making a tragic or somber message, but you should learn how to make the message hit home so people never forget it.

Make it Identifiable

Your marketing messages should be such that your target audience can relate to, understand and align with. Along the lines of tapping into emotion, you want people to feel connected with your brand. Your messages should act as a lure to keep their eyes on the prize (your brand!!!). If your message feels foreign or isn’t relevant than it’s going to be ignored and their attention will go elsewhere.

Make sure it’s Customer Centric!

This is so imperative to the success of your message, and a large part of this challenge comes down to how well you know your customer. You need to make sure the subject matter and message are tailored towards your customer’s behavior and lifestyle. The more you know about your customers the easier this part is. Keep in mind that the voice and tone are the crutch of the message, everything must be cohesive and reflect your brand.

Act Accordingly.

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