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How to Create Compelling Content and use Scribe SEO Plugin for FREE

Create Compelling Content

If you are behind SEO then probably you have heard about Brian Clark‘s free SEO report, it’s a 28-page report on SEO copywriting process he have ever seen given away for free, also the great offer to get Scribe SEO plugin advanced plan by only paying the starter price $27 for ever, you need to use this code during the checkout PROMO27Brian Clark the founder of Copyblogger and Scribe SEO plugin actually have done a very useful report that explains why SEO Copywriting still matters, and as I said before it’s free. I also have another good news for our bloggers.

I like Scribe SEO plugin, I am actually running it here on Famousbloggers.net and I got it also in a special offer, I had a good experience using it because I have learned some useful SEO techniques and tips while optimizing out articles for search engines, and the good thing is I don’t have to worry about evaluations, I actually have more than I need as I am on the advanced plan with 300 evaluations. All our readers and bloggers knows that we publish articles on daily bases, and we have everyday something new to share with you, it’s all from our blogging team and awesome guest bloggers. I have been using Scribe to optimize our guest posts for search engines since two months back, and I never reached the 300 evaluations, I usually use about 60 of them, and this is why I highly recommend subscribing to Scribe now to enjoy the special offer.

Note that monthly subscription is good because you can unsubscribe at any time if you didn’t like the plugin, or if you feel the whole thing is a joke! But at least you should try it for one month.

How to use Scribe SEO plugin for free?

When I first installed Scribe SEO plugin on this blog, I subscribed to the service specially for our last awesome guest blogging contest when I decided that Scribe SEO became the official plugin for the contest, and I was dealing with my evaluations with care, I had to activate the plugin and deactivate it before and after optimizing each article, I was doing this to make sure that I have enough evaluations for the rest of the month, so basically no one was having access to it, I am imagining if I left the plugin active all the time that one morning I will find no evaluations, and probably I will not know which guest blogger exactly is the one who was clicking on Scribe analyze button too much 🙂

I am really getting sick of not giving the chance to all guest posters on our blog to use Scribe and optimize their own posts before publishing it, at least I want to make use of the rest of evaluations I have, it will be a nice chance for our guest bloggers to give Scribe SEO a live and Free use while guest posting for our blog, we actually need to teach you SEO by all possible ways and help you to rank higher in search engines.

So, basically now you can use Scribe SEO plugin for Free while guest posting for our blog, you will be allowed to make 10 evaluations for your article to optimize it for search engines, I am sure you will learn a lot from this experience!

Only for Famous Guest Bloggers

I am not going to say try Scribe for free, although the title of this post saying it, but I am actually saying use Scribe to optimize your guest posts on FamousBloggers, as a new feature available only for our guest bloggers as we all the time working to enhance our blog and it’s services, we simply want this blog to be your favorite blog to guest post, it’s going to be “the best” and the “go-to” blog, we believe that FamousBlogger.net is the best platform for bloggers, and we have built it to be a multi-author blog, and we are going to spoil our bloggers to let them know how much we care!

So, I am going to give this idea a try to measure how bloggers are going to benefit from using the plugin to the end of this month, then I would like to get some feedback about their experience while optimizing their articles to rank well in search engines by using Scribe.

So, let’s do it.. I think Brian Clark will not get mad if 20 bloggers use the plugin on our blog unless he have something to say about it!

Create Compelling Content

Don’t forget to get Brian Clark’s “How to Create Compelling Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines” free report!

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