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How to Create Conversations and Connections through Comments

Conversations and Connections

One of the things I’ve learned over the course of the past few months is how to create conversations and connections through comments.

One of my goals as a blogger is to connect with each of my readers in a real way – to encourage each of my readers personally and to challenge them to take action. When a readers leaves a comment on a post, I then have the opportunity to interact with them on an individual level – this is what I love! When I respond to a reader’s comment, I try to include a few key elements:

The commenting system that I use on my blog allows me to respond to each comment individually. It also sends me and the commenter emails when comments are left on a post, so I’m sure not to miss any comments or responses to comments. It allows for better connection and conversation through the comments.

I also love to comment on other blogs, building connections with other bloggers. Here are a few guidelines I try to follow when I comment:

Recently, I’ve discovered that “popular” blogs are a great place to build relationships and connections through comments. I’ve started leaving quality comments on “bigger” blogs within my niche and surroundings niches, and I’ve begun to created conversations and connections with other readers of the “popular” blogs. Commenting regularly on these blogs not only keeps them “popular,” but it also helps me to create a name for myself among their readership, bringing readers to my blog. If someone is commenting on a “bigger” blog and pops over to my blog, chances are likely that they’ll comment on my blog as well!

Since we’re talking about creating conversations and connections through comments, I’d love for you to take a minute to leave me a comment on this post using one or more of the guidelines I shared above. Are there any other guidelines you use when leaving comments to create conversations and connections?

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