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CommentLuv More Spam Protection and New Features

CommentLuv Spam Protection

Being a member of the CommentLuv Premium family gives you an early access to beta version and new cool features that Andy Bailey -the developer or the plugin- keep rolling out. Aside from the awesome support you get, the plugin -in my opinion- consider a revolutionary addition to the WordPress comment system. I am thrilled to share the new features and update with the world!

Let’s take a look to the new CommentLuv update.

1- The minimum amount of keyups on comment

Spammers often prepare their comment, then visit several blogs at a time and post same comment to all by pasting comment text using CTR + V , that’s 2 keyups, the CommentLuv plugin now indicate how many keyups was made before hitting the submit comment button, if it’s less than a specific number, then it won’t be accepted.

You see, this is different than taking action based on comment length, very smart idea! I actually don’t know how the hell this idea came to Andy’s mind 🙂

It’s my favorite update!

2- Ban search terms

People often try to find blogs to comment on by searching Google, they use keywords like “Dofollow blog” or “CommentLuv Enabled”…etc.

With the new update, you can display a restricting message to spammers or those who just want to get a link from your blog. This can be done it two ways:

  1. Restrict their access once they land on your blog.
  2. Or, restrict their access right after they submit the comment.

So, that’s another way to stop spam on your blog.

3 – Action to take if author has no author URL

Many times spammers sneak into your comment box and try to pass Akismet spam protection by taking away their site link (before hitting the submit comment button). I have many of those people trying to spam my blog, and I am sure you too are suffering of same issue!

Now you can easily take action to deal with those spammers by hiding, delete or mark their comment as a spam.

4 – Remove Twitter Name

Twitter name removal is another cool feature that has been added to CommentLuv premium plugin. It’s something I personally wanted to have as some of commenters put a bad Twitter ID when commenting on the blog, or -by mistake- they put a wrong Twitter ID. Some others abandoned their Twitter account or got banned by Twitter. So, that will lead to a bad or broken link that you really don’t want to have on your blog.

Glad to tell you this been taken care of, and now you can easily remove any unwanted Twitter IDs from the comments.

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I hope you make the right decision and start using this awesome plugin on your blog!

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