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ComLuv new Theme, Traffic and more Exposure for CommentLuv Enabled Blogs


Every blogger knows about CommentLuv plugin and probably visited ComLuv network already to download the plugin or to register CommentLuv blog. ComLuv got a new theme and design which I think it’s pretty good plan to award CommentLuv enabled blogs all the way and give more exposure and traffic for bloggers who are using the plugin.

Our FamousBloggers.net blog actually popped on ComLuv main page more than once on the old design, and I think there is lots of blogs had the same chance and enjoyed ComLuv traffic. I am just not sure how exactly ComLuv decide which accounts to show on the list before because the factor (number of comments) was not so clear to me, but with the new theme it’s more clear, and also you can see when is the next update under each list!

How to Get listed on ComLuv

Of course all of us knows that getting a link on the main page (home page) of a high PR and heavy traffic site like ComLuv will drive a good amount of traffic to your blog, Andy says on one of his posts that the links on the main page are a dofollow links to members blogs, and it’s actually dofollow links but with no anchor text, the link is attached to an image, which I think it’s not going to give the same value if it was a text link that has anchor text to your blog name or example, but it’s not bad at all to enjoy some Google juice!

ComLuv network update

A little update to this post, I received a respond today from Andy on our guest blogging contest post, he have removed the “visit” image, and replace it with the anchor text of the site name, so probably you will like this update and need to change your site name field if it’s not probably set, I see some members having their account names and some other words seems to be not their primary keywords, so go a head and update your site information, make it the best you can to express your site, enjoy!

There is 3 lists that you may show on, Top 5 Sites list, Top 5 Members list and New CommentLuv Sites list, I am pretty sure you will know when you got listed immediately from your WordPress dashboard stats or any other stats service you are using because you will notice where the site traffic is coming from!

CommentLuv Member Page

Have you updated your CommentLuv Member Page? If not then do it now, because your link will not show on the main page lists unless you have a description of your blog on the Bio of your account, so make sure you have done that!

How to make money from ComLuv?

Actually there has been so many updates and modifications were done by Andy to give chance for any blogger to earn money from ComLuv blog, this post is explaining 3 ways to make money from ComLuv blog.

I have written an earlier post that has useful information about ComLuv and Commentluv and a fast interview with Andy while I was getting some answers to a few question were in my mind and other question from our readers about the error they are getting when they comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs which gives the the message “bad juju just happened”, so if this post doesn’t reply to your questions regarding the network and plugin don’t hesitate to contact Andy directly through ComLuv site, you really don’t waste your time finding wrong answers from anyone who is just guessing.

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