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Blogging Mythologies That You Should Ignore

Blogging Mythologies

Blogging is the ultimate tool to build your own online business. Like websites, a blog can be similarly monetized with various advertising platforms to give you a wide range of earning opportunities.

If you don’t know the tricks on how to make money with a blog, then you only have to read some blogging tips articles which can be found in forums, article sites and blogs itself.

Blogosphere is not just about building blogs and making money, it’s all about building relationships with co-bloggers and creating a community which aims to share thoughts, points of view and other information that could be useful to others. These “thoughts” however can be confusing to most novices who wishes to learn every aspect of this endeavor.

Sure we have our own points of view when it comes to online business and some of these opinions even become the universal guidelines that people now follow. Let me give you some of these “people’s perspectives” and why I identified them as mere mythologies that you as a novice, should highly ignore.

Bloggers are Great Writers

It is true that most famous blog owners are exemplary writers, which you as a beginner should try to imitate as much as possible. But this doesn’t mean that you have to push yourself to the limit just to become a great writer yourself.

If your first language is not English, you only need to get your point across to your readers. After all, we are not perfect and are born to make mistakes. In short, all of us can build a blog and write anything and any way we want as long as it is informational, readable and useful. Being a good writer is all it takes and besides, practice makes perfect right?

Content is King

This is probably the most popular myth in the blogging world. You can extensively see this phrase all over the Internet. I myself consider content as the backbone of a blog, but it is not the only thing that you should focus on in your online business endeavor. Marketing is the other aspect of blogging that you should learn thoroughly.

With content and marketing combined, you are guaranteed to have a successful blogging career.

WordPress is a Lot Better than Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger – a battle of platforms! I bet you have already seen this type of topic in various forum posts and blog articles, which compares these two giant blogging platforms. And I am so sure that most of the time, Blogger ends up on the short end of the stick. Why? Because WordPress is indeed the more flexible platform.

But, you can’t erase the fact that Blogger has its own advantages like its usability and its 100% free. If you want to make money in blogging, both Blogger and WordPress can give you similar benefits which are entirely based on user preferences.

Traffic is the most Important Thing in Blogging

Traffic can be acquired through different channels and mediums. Heck, it can also be acquired through marketing off-line. It is true that constant marketing of your blog means traffic, traffic and traffic.

But traffic is just an initial step in blogging and in order to be successful, you need to attract loyal readers that will forever patronize your article posts or whatever you offer on your blog. You need to turn these visitors into subscribers and into paying customers.

How can you make your visitors become loyal readers or at least retain them for another visit? You can achieve this by building your subscribers list, email list, social media following, building a community with other blogs and many others. In summary, traffic can only be important if you can convert your traffic into sales or online income.

All of these myths are all over the Internet. While in general these myths are true in nature, you have to expand your knowledge more with regards to these myths. Once you learned and applied these techniques to your blog, only then you can say that you are an expert blogger!

If I missed anything important with regards to this topic that you wish to share with us, please don’t hesitate to leave your valued opinion below at the comment section.

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