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Blogging Lesson From a Good Bottle of Wine

Blogging Lesson

Robert Goldstein is a food critic who wanted to separate divine wine taste from all that market hype on class and sophistication.

As it turns out, when wine lovers are asked to do a blind test, result shows that even if they would naturally go for an expensive bottle of wine, the $10 wine from America they’d normally ignore actually tastes better than a $150 Dom Pérignon.

So why people still going after that overpriced bottle?

Simple. Because society makes it look good, it must therefore taste good.

The same rules actually applies to blogging.

Take a look at a pro-blogger for instance. Beneath all that experience, great content, and connections to-die-for, there’s this one powerful thing that makes the difference – the public perception.

You see, it’s not enough that you’re good. You MUST be perceived to be good.

Of course, the disclaimer would always be that to be perceived as good, you must have high value to begin with.

The upward curve of every blogger happens when they’re starting to gather recognition.

Once that happens, your popularity can grow at an exponential rate. Not just an incredible amount of comments, but think of response posts like what people would normally do when a problogger inspires them with an idea. Or perhaps collaborations and more important contacts landing in your inbox.

How do you achieve this?

There is really no concrete formula or guide to show you the way, but here are some ideas to help you:

This might sound a bit distant, but actually learning and trying to understand human psychology can go a long way.

Our readers, or maybe more importantly, our first time viewers rely much on their ability to make judgment calls.

If you’re blog doesn’t spark interest, then that’s just too bad. It goes the other way around, you can always use these things to your advantage. Your blog might not necessarily be like as expensive as a Dom Pérignon bottle, but at least look like it. With good content, of course.

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