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Blogging Checklist – Does Your Blog Meet These Requirements?

Blogging Checklist

Having a blog and writing content is not only what it takes to achieve blogging success, it takes far more than that.

You can have a blog and do your best on it but you still discover that your blog is not growing. You don’t need to keep worrying or abandon your blog, you have to do some things and follow the right steps.

Below are some blogging checklists you must consider, if your blog meets them then you are on your way to success, but if not, you can try to improve.

1. Clearly Defined Goals

Many bloggers fail to realize that having goals help you achieve more easily. If you have a goal that you want to achieve something before the end of the month, you will definitely achieve it than what you just do when you wish.

It is very important to set goals because goals carry principles and human beings are one of the most unprincipled creature we have. Human beings can easily be distracted by one thing or the other but having a goal on what you want to achieve will help you focus more on achieving your goal.

The power of a goal should never be underestimated.

2. Neat Design

I don’t know why, but many bloggers tend to ignore this great element of blogging success.

Anytime I visit this blog, I always admire its beautiful design and I am always inclined to do more to improve mine.

First impression is very important and your blog design will greatly affect how visitors will react to your blog, if you just think quality content is all that matters and that you can just write content and forget about design then you will be surprised to see that nobody will be willing to read your content.

Good design also makes it very easy to read your content.

Having great designs might be very difficult especially for those who don’t have money to spend but having a great custom design helps your blog stand out from the crowd and also makes it more unique, it also makes it easy for readers to interact within your site.

3. Who are you?

No matter how business related your blog is, your blog should have a look of you.

Many people forget to even let their readers know who they are. You should make your readers easily know who you are by having an about page and by also having a detailed author bio.

I personally discovered I gained an increase in the number of visitors to my blog and also in the number of subscribers when I created my about page, I also began gaining respect because people now know who I am and they could easily recognize my posts.

Letting your readers know who you are also makes you unique.

4. Clear Focus

Many attimes, you will see lots of blogs writing about blogging today, technology tommorow, food the following day and the like. Not that this type of blogs are not always successful but the more focused your blog is, the more dedicated readers you will get.

Writing about making money online only will help you get more dedicated readers who want to read your tips on making money online while writing just anything will make sure you don’t get dedicated readers.

5. Quality Content

The king will not die, and no matter what you say, it doesn’t matter what you call quality content, content is king. when talking about quality content, there are different levels of quality content, you might just give some general tips (this type of content is not king), but writing unique content otherwise called killer flagship content will help you achieve more success easily.

If you write great content with a small reader base, you will easily grow fast because many of your readers will stay and will eventually end up promoting your blog using various means while writing general content will help you get readers who don’t stay.

No need to be discouraged, try to write what you think you can call your best and what you think you can be proud of.

The above are 5 great blogging checklist every blog must meet, try to check your blog over and over again, does it meets the following requirements? If it does, congratulations 🙂 and if it does not, try making amendments and your blog will grow in leaps and bouns in no time.

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