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Get Thesis Theme Color Skin and Have a Unique Blog Look and Feel

Thesis Color Skin

If you know me, then probably you know how much I like Thesis Themes, and that I consider Thesis my number one WordPress framework, therefore I am going to do an exiting experiment by supporting two Thesis members, yes.. two Thesis users will get my new Thesis Color Skin and get my support for absolutely free.

I have worked a lot on FamousBloggers blog to take it to another level using Thesis, I have learned some nice techniques while working with it, and after I contacted Thesis designers and get their opinions about Thesis Theme as their favorite WordPress framework I became more confident of what I am doing,

Thesis Theme Challenge

All of us knows that Thesis is lacking the uniqueness in design elements in it’s default skin, this is simply because it doesn’t have colors or graphics when you first install it, and working with design is not easy job for those who don’t know how to code and design, so… my main challenge now is to provide a high level of service to Thesis Theme users, and making Thesis Awesome!

Avery limited number of my friends knows about my new project, and I am still busy with our awesome bloody blogging contest, so there is no chance to work on continue the work on my project, but I think I can make a little start in here and at the same time help someone out there.

My Thesis Themes Skinning services will be so different from any other services because I am going to provide it by myself and in person, I am not going to give you files to download then forget about you, no.. it’s going to be a start for along term relationship. Anyways, I don’t want to talk too much about it at the mean time, but I will show it to you in action when everything is setup and ready to go.

For now, let’s focus on what I have for you!

Thesis Color Skin and a Sneak Peek

As you can see, my Thesis Color Skin has a very simple details, it’s very flexible that you can actually call it a framework skin 🙂 it will allow me to deliver a unique look and feel for your blog in no time, and after that, you will be able to play and have fun with your blog when ever you want!

This offer is only for two persons, I will take them inside of my private project, and I will guide them personally through my support forum or by email, I will try my best to make them happy with their new blog design!

If you want to see a demo for the skin, I actually have one, but I am not able to share with anyone yet! As I said, this is still a private project.

Only Two persons will get this Amazing Offer for Free

So, if you are using Thesis Theme and feel bored with the default look or want to change your skin, then contact me immediately because I will accept only the first two persons who contact me. (note that this is a 2 column skin, things will not work good if you are having a  3 columns on your blog)

Are you Late?

If you miss this offer, then you can ask for Thesis Color Skin and my paid service by visiting my Thesis Skins site, you don’t have to worry, it will not cost you a lot of money, it’s just something to encourage me to work with you! So… Contact me and I will email you back the details.

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