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Blogging Life Getting You Down? 4 Ways to Stick To the Blogging Beat

Stick To the Blogging Beat

Blogging can seem like a monotonous job, almost like Ground Hogs day, over and over again. Sometimes you have to wonder when the Blogging merry go round is going to stop?

All you ever seem to do is create and post articles, promote them, share them, comment about them, and then start all over again. It seems like a constant rhythm has to be struck or else your precious blog dies a slow and lonely death.

Do you feel the rhythm?

Most bloggers know the expectations of the blog rhythm but get tired of the constant demand that sometimes far outweighs the rewards.

When you miss a few beats of the pumping blog you start to feel guilty and you know that if you do not catch up to the beat, all of your previous efforts will turn to dust. Basically your blog could be off people’s radars within a week or two. That is how quick things change on the Internet.

There is no doubt your blog has to have a beat for it to attract fresh and lively website audience. An extremely loyal audience will allow you to drop a few beats, like Hesham’s did when his domain got stolen, but neglecting your blog for too long is disastrous.

How to Stick to The Rhythm of Your Blog

There is a delicate balance when sticking to the rhythm that your blog demands from you.

#1. Realize You Cannot Always Have Perfection

Yes you heard it! You do not need to wait for perfection. If you do then you will never keep up. Yes people expect 1500 word articles from you, but they will be very forgiving if they do not always see this. Not everyone can produce A1 content all of the time.

I know first-hand about this problem of perfection and how it can stop you from keeping up with the beat of your blog. I dropped the beat many times over the years and all it did was make my success further and further away. It was almost always because of perfection block. I simply could not create the perfect content that I wanted for my blog.

Each time I dropped a beat, I fell further down the ladder.

Each time I tried to catch up with the rhythm of my blog, it was like starting over again. I had to work that much harder to get the beat running at a steady pace.

I agree that a successful blog requires quality content, but not every post has to be spectacular. After all we are only human. Bring the bar down a peg or two and make it easier on yourself.

#2. Network

How about hooking up with another blogger on a Google Plus hangout, or maybe go out for coffee in real life? Either way, just simply chatting with other bloggers in the same situation can inspire you and make you feel a whole lot better. Blogging can be a lonely job.

You are not alone. 🙂

I bet every blogger you know has felt like giving up because they cannot keep up with the beat of their blog. The beat never stops so you need to be able to deal with this now. We all feel the same, so chat with someone that has all this in common with you.

#3. Don’t Expect it All When You Don’t Give it All

If you are a full time blogger then you must expect full time wages. However if you are blogging part time, basically on the side of something else more important, then do not expect it all from blogging.

If you are willing to sacrifice your time and effort to keep up with the beat of your blog, then you will see the rewards. But drop the beat here and there, and building a successful blog will become a lot harder to do.

Positive energy breads positive energy.

If the beat of your blog is slow, then the rewards will be slow too. If you stick at a constant regular beat, the rewards will flow in the same. You can spend 2 years blogging without success if you do your job here and there. If you constantly supply your blog with fresh content followed by promotion and sharing, success will come knocking so much quicker.

#4. Reinvest Your Money

When you earn money from your blog, plan ahead and reinvest money in safeguards that will keep the beat of your blog pumping should you ever fall behind again.

What should I invest my money in?

I personally buy content, extremely well written, and schedule it months in advance on some of my blogs. Some people think that I should be spending my money on SEO but I feel that content is the easiest work to outsource, as you can always edit it if you are not happy.

That way, when this post comes around, I can have a break from creating content. In fact I have a blog that has 48 posts scheduled so far. That is about three months’ worth of articles. That way I can go on a holiday, and while I am away, all I have to do for that blog is promote and comment about my latest posts. There is no need to create content for three whole months.

So Do You Feel The Rhythm?

You will only know that the rhythm exists when you drop a few beats. That’s when you will see your traffic drop, your comments diminish, and your enthusiasm walks out the door. Don’t let this happen. Commit to your blog and keep up with the rhythm, even if it is a slow beat, keeping it going will be worth it in the end.

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