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5 Groovy Tips to Earn More Money From Your Blog

Earn More Money

Firstly, I need all the bloggers that are not blogging to earn money to put their hands up. Ok so no one has put their hands up. That’s totally groovy, because you would probably be lying if you did. (liar, liar pants on fire)

So we must all be interested in making money then? GROOVY

Let’s check out the Groovy Tips to earn more dollars and make you smile…

Practice What You Preach Baby

Don’t expect Mini Me to buy something just because you say it is great! Show him some proof baby. Buy the product you are preaching about and use it.

You can’t dress up as a preacher and not live the life! When people see you are for real and practice what you preach they will trust you and buy from your links. When you walk the walk and not just talk the talk, you will earn extra money.

Mention It or Die!

But there is one problem. You cannot sell stuff if you do not mention it in the first place. Derr..Didn’t you know that? You need to talk about products and link to them to sell anything at all. This is best done within your content as dirty big links in the sidebar with big red arrows pointing to them is not good sidebar etiquette. You need to be groovy about your affiliate linking as it is all touch and go baby. Also don’t be an idiot and use links that are not in fashion with your blog. It’s like wearing pink with orange, it’s just not groovy.

Kick Goals and Plant Flowers

Have a goal in life and in each article you create. Sounds silly but I suggest you stop and think…

So you are just about to publish a cool article, very interesting, maybe even a groovy pillar. But what is the goal for the article? Do you want people to click an affiliate link, visit another page, or sign up for your groovy newsletter? Hopefully you have some kind of goal included and you are not wasting your time fluffing your pom pom and pretending to be famous.

I think of my goals as planting flowers. Yes maybe a bit weird but if you do not plant flowers they will not grow and your garden will not look pretty. So think about your goals and starting planting flowers!

Find Out What’s Groovy

Where is the grooviest (if there is such a word?) part of your blog? Because I am in this to make money, the pages that make money are groovy for me.

You can find this out by tracking your affiliate sales. This can be done by creating special affiliate links for certain pages, watching your stats, or even settings goals in Google Analytics. Let’s not get too deep though baby, that was the cool tip and the rest is up to you. All I do is think to myself, “How the hell am I going to track this sale on this page?”

Link to The Money Honey

Some people call the pages that make money, money pages. Hmm, wonder how they came up with that? Anyway, you need to link often to these money pages to ensure you are racking up more sales. This can mean internal links from other posts on your blog or it can mean external links coming in. Either way, I guarantee more sales if you do this for your proven money pages.

My secret tip is to always link a new post on my blog to a money page. This keeps the money pages alive and well and pumps some new blood into them. It is not like mixing a groovy martini you know, because that takes serious skill.

Anyway earning more money is totally the way to go, so grab these groovy tips and use the fantabulous things ASAP baby.

P.S I know these tips seem simple but it is all bloody simple darling!

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