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Blog Engage Membership Requires a One Time Signup Fee

Blog Engage Membership

This news came to me from BlogEngage newsletter just today, the popular social bookmarks site announced membership signup one time fee for new members who would like to join the network. This news was a memory refreshing, it remind me with the history of BlogEngage, so I thought to share with you all how BlogEngage started and what its up to today.

The History of BlogEngage

I know Brian –the founder of BlogEngage– since long time back, probably more than two years now, and I know as a very active person, cool bloggers and avid internet marketer. During my relationship with Brian and my membership at BlogEngage I was watching closely all the phases that passed on the social bookmarking site, and I know that Brian had to put a huge amount of hard work to keep the site up and going.

Blog Engage and Pligg challenges

Pligg is a popular social bookmarking CMS platform, I knew that Brian had to face several challenges while running the site, some of these challenges was restriction from the owners of Pligg themselves, I know this sounds weird, but it is the truth, he explained all this in a blog post back in Aug 2009, his main complain was that Pligg’s core was free but any cool module is costing money, this didn’t make sense to him especially that he had to figure out a way to fight the crazy amount of spammers that time, so he tried to find alternatives to Pligg but with no use as the BlogEngage community growth forced him to let go the idea and stick with Pligg.

Anyways, Brian competed with many other social bookmarking sites, and many webmasters and internet marketers copied his niche idea, but still BlogEngage is the most popular among them with no doubt.

Engage AdSense Revenue share program

To encourage and activate members to participate in the community and make it even more awarding, Brian was thinking how to share earning with members, he added AdSense revenue sharing program to network, then he added another advertising network to the site to test the revenue, but it wasn’t profiting, so he removed it and kept Google AdSense.

What I want to say here that BlogEngage was and still developing itself towards benefiting its members, and this is what I like most about how Brian manage it.

BlogEngage Invitations

As soon as Blog Engage reached a certain level of popularity, the community got spammed like crazy. Brian was thinking hard to avoid spammers and provide safe community for his members, so he decided to close the community and turn the signup into invitation only which was really good move.

BlogEngage RSS Syndication

Another great feature added to the network, it’s for those who want to Syndicate blog RSS feed to BlogEngage community without having to actually add it manually, this will guarantee a great exposure for all your blog posts, it’s really cool feature!

BlogEngage Monthly Contest

As we used to organize blogging contests on FamousBloggers, Brian contacted me a few months back and asking for some information on how I run the contests and manage them, so I shared with him some insights, then he came up with a really interesting concept for running a monthly blogging contests on BlogEngage and involving sponsors from inside the community, I consider it an amazing way of thinking!

The contest basically will increase awareness of your website of blog and will get you a few natural backlinks from the best kind!

Sponsor BlogEngage Contest now!

BlogEngage membership is Not Free anymore!

That was the last hot news from BlogEngage, so if you want to join this amazing community, you are required to pay $29.99 one time fee to signup, this amazing social bookmarking site is recommended by 100s of bloggers, and it’s not a place to hit and run, we had a lot of fun on BlogEngage community, I personally see it worthy.

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