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How to Attract Direct Advertisers to Your Blog

All the consistent efforts you put into your blog is ultimately so that something yields out of it. Some aspirations of a blogger are fame, social goodwill, numerous contacts, and of course money. This post is dedicated to help you achieve the last aim mentioned.

Of the many ways of making money through your blog ( paid reviews, paid posts, etc), the one that is of most importance, legal, ethical and completely stands out from the crowd is publishing advertisements.

While signing up with advertising mediums such as Google AdSense and Clicksor is a highly sort after option, getting into deals with direct advertisers (without interference of a third party) is lucrative and helps you get some instant cash unlike the other way of using third party mediator brand’s good-will. But, how to attract direct advertisers to your blog?

I’ve got you some tips that will aid in grabbing the attention of direct advertisers for your blog. Here they are ..

Make a good blog

There is no point publishing ads, especially that of direct advertisers, in a low PR amateur blog. So the first step towards attracting more advertisers is making a reasonably professional blog. Here is a checklist that might help –

Display banners

It’s better if the advertiser knows where and how his brand’s ad would appear. It all about taking advantage of the aesthetics of your blog. Ensure that the ad space is explicit and the ad slots not empty, rather occupied by well designed ‘Advertise Here’ banners. Also, design the banner such that it goes well with your blog’s theme and does not out-beat your content or other factors.

Design an Advertise page

Including an ‘Advertise with Us’ page ads to your professionalism.  It’s better not to expect advertisers to contact you through your ‘Contact’ page. The ‘advertise with us’ page also shows how much you value your prospects, as you care to help them in accessing you better with the info you provide there. It also makes them feel great when they find a page dedicated exclusively to them. Some things you must make sure of adding in the ‘advertise with us’ page are –

Advertise your ad spaces

With the kind of competition in every blogging niche, advertising your blog’s ad space can get you an edge over your competition. You can advertise your ad space in your Facebook fan pages, active and relevant Facebook groups, Fivver, etc.

While advertising your ad space be sure that you post the ads in relevant online communities. Also, the ad must be comprehensive and attractive. Again, attractive does not mean making over the top or unrealistic claims.

Hope this guide helped you in making some decisions in the line of attracting direct advertisers to your blog.

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